Slow and steady.

That’s how many miles I ran today! With no walking! I feel so happy right now. Every time I run I feel great, mentally and physically, for hours.

It may not be a lot, but only 2 months ago I could hardly run 1/4 of a mile. When I was running today I almost got discouraged for being so slow, so I had to remind myself that my goal is not to be the fastest person out there. My goal is to have a good time,  finish the 10K race in September and not injure myself trying to do too much.

Even though I’m dreadfully slow I know speed will come with time. Slow and steady may not win this race, and I may be the slowest person at the Air Force Marathon 10K, but I’ll cross the finish line running and I’ll be so proud.



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2 responses to “Slow and steady.

  1. That’s awesome! I never made it more than a mile of running before stopping so I totally understand where you’re coming from. What running program, if any, are you using?

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