How to find my blog (search for viper fish eggs)

Remember when I wrote about how I accidentally found out about Adrian Grenier (the guy on Entourage)  having a hairy, smelly butt? Apparently two different people made their way to my blog this week by searching for “Adrian Grenier smells” and “Adrian Grenier hairy.”

Some of my other favorite search terms that brought people to my site are:

“photos breast growing out of bras”

“video two girls one octopus”

“viper fish eggs”

” human bones”

“what do you do if your mom is horrible?”

“peoples hobbies”

“fat bearded woman”

I get why some of them came to my site. I wrote about the Paris Catacombs, so human bones may have taken people to that post. I wrote about the two girls one cup video when I was talking about how penguin mothers feed their young.

I don’t know why the horrible mom question brought people here! And I felt sad about someone searching for “peoples hobbies” because I imagined a sad, lonely person doing a Google search to try to find an activity to participate in to make friends. 😦

Due to my stupid post about how I’m such an idiot that I burned pieces of my blue carpet onto my favorite shirt, I now get a lot of hits from people searching for shirt-burning related activities.

“iron melting shirts”

“iron burnt shirt”

“what do I do if my iron ruined my favorite shirt?”

“if you burn a shirt with an iron how do you get it out?”

“random stain on back of shirt”

R.I.P Banana Republic frilly shirt?

I still haven’t fixed that shirt.



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7 responses to “How to find my blog (search for viper fish eggs)

  1. Haha, I love seeing what people searched for. Yours are much more entertaining than mine and I usually don’t have any at all, so there you have it. I need to write about more entertaining stuff apparently:)

    • I’m not really sure how it works because for a long time I never got any Google search hits. I don’t know if it’s my tags or pictures or headlines or what. The top search I have every week is for The Dude from The Big Lebowski. I wrote a post about how I wanted to be like him, and for some reason tons of Google searches get sent my way and it’s really annoying. I have been considering deleting that post or deleting the tags or whatever.

  2. Someone arrived at my blog by searching “it only does everything but not in germany”.

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