Flowers and food

I had every intention of walking along the Southbank today and taking some fun pictures. Due to a sandwich that turned extremely soggy overnight I had to eat out for lunch which meant I couldn’t go on a photoshoot. I did manage to snap a couple pics of some flowers on the way back to work. I’ve been really interested in flowers lately so I’m thinking of potentially making it a new hobby. I feel like I’d be prettaaay, prettaay, pretty cool to be able to name any flower on the spot. When you’re a grandma that kind of thing is expected, but when you’re 26 it’s like “how do you know that?”

I found such a refreshing, healthy looking recipe at Broke Ass Gourmet’s site, and I couldn’t wait to try it myself. It’s a garlicky butter bean puree spread with freshly chopped basil, lemon juice and olive oil. It’s spread on a straight-out-of-the-oven baguette and topped with rocket, watercress and thinly sliced parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Does anything smell better than fresh basil? I have a basil plant on my window sill and I pick up the whole plant every day and sniff it.

Put one can of butter beans, two garlic cloves, a handful of basil leaves, juice from one lemon, and 1/4 cup of olive oil in a blender or food processor. I blended mine only enough to have a good mix – I left a few chunks of bean because I wanted a bit more texture.

Spread over half of a baguette and top with salad. The only thing I’d do differently next time is drizzle a bit of olive oil and lemon juice over the salad. Then top with the shaved parmesan. I was so pleased with how this turned out. It’s the kind of meal that tastes as good as it looks, and you feel great about eating it because it’s so healthy.



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6 responses to “Flowers and food

  1. Oh boy that looks delicious. I have been tempted to grow some basil (seeds came free with my butter, random much?) and the idea of smelling it, eating it fresh will make me actually do it.

    • Well, I have to admit I actually bought the whole plant at Sainsbury’s for less than a pound, but I count it as “growing it myself” because I didn’t let it die lol! I highly recommend it. I pick all the leaves off every week pretty much and basil grows so fast it’s back before I know it.

  2. Very nice. My basils are about 1/2″ high right now. That is, if they survived the incredible thunderstorms we had today.

    I can’t name either flower, but give me an apple blossom, a cherry tree, a bean plant, the eternal pea, lavendar, sage, geranium, nasturtium, violet, rose, or other edible plant and I’ve got a fighting change. My favorite learning approach is a well-labeled arboretum, often free.

    Sniffing of basil is always wise ;-).

    • I absolutely can’t wait until I can have a garden and actually grow the stuff in the ground as it appears you are doing. While I’m in the middle of London I’ll have to stick to window sill plants 😦 And I think I will visit an arboretum or some place where there are tons of plants so I can start my learning adventure!

  3. FYI You’re doing an awesome job with your photography. KUDOS SARA!!

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