Musical oddities

You know how when you are walking down the street and you get a whiff of someone’s cologne or perfume you are taken back to another time and place where someone you were close to also wore that scent? Well, that happens to me, but with music.

Whenever I hear Mariah Carey’s song Hero, I feel like I can taste egg salad, or “egg mayo” as the English would say. When I first heard that song I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it was, and I was also in the middle of an egg salad obsession, so it’s always stuck with me. It’s such a weird feeling in my head, like I’m eating egg salad … but I’m not.

Mariah wants to turn that egg into egg salad.

Another odd thing is Sheryl Crow’s song “All I Wanna Do,” from her first CD Tuesday Night Music Club.


For some reason this song planted itself in some pit in my brain roughly 15 years ago and randomly will pop out and I’ll start singing the song with altered lyrics appropriate for my activity. For example, in Berlin last summer I was waiting for the U-bahn and I became violently thirsty. All of a sudden my head started singing, “All I wanna do, is drink some water … I got a feeling I’m not the only one …”

I hate it. I don’t really hate the song, but I want it to leave my brain because it’s just an average song with no reason to stick with me.

Does anyone else have any musical anomalies?



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4 responses to “Musical oddities

  1. A lot of times my dreams have their own soundtrack, haha. The indie rock group Neon Horse (tooth and nail records) has a song called “Cuckoo!” that gives me a weird surreal feeling whenever I hear it because of a dream I once had…tho I can hardly remember what it was about now, haha.

    • That’s funny! That reminds me of another one of mine, too. Every time I hear Seal, that Kiss from a Rose I think of death because I was reading a Christopher Pike book called Remember Me, about a girl who died but could still walk around and no one could see her.

  2. I have OCD and I get pieces of songs stuck in my head, usually something I just heard so it could be any random awful song from the radio station that I play for my sweet boy to keep him a happy boy because I’m that kind of mom. Anywhooo, whatever random portion of song is in my head, if it’s there at bedtime it will remain there the entire night. Every time I get up to pee or just plain roll over I hear it. I hate it.

    • Ha ha, I know how that is! I HATE when just a line from a song get stuck in my head and will not go away for days or weeks. I don’t understand how this happens!

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