I saw Waldo in London last night.

Sometimes I just like to walk around the city with my camera and see what happens. Last night Adrian went to a friend’s house in the city to watch the Champions League final so I took my camera and we parted ways at Oxford Circus. I walked from there, went into a few shops on Regent Street and then walked through Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square.

And that’s where I saw Waldo.

I also walked by the Palladium Theater just off Regent Street and dreamed of the day when I can go see The Wizard of Oz musical!

I went into Hamley’s toy store to see what London 2012 stuff they had, and I saw this Ken doll that made me feel old. Look at his hairstyle!

You might think this is an action-shot of a football fan puking in a trash can, but actually he was so sick he was kind of just laying on the can with his forehead resting on the edge. His friend stood by and patted his back occasionally. It was only 8:30 pm.



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2 responses to “I saw Waldo in London last night.

  1. English football fans are almost summed up in that photo. Just need a few fighting in the back ground, with weapons, and it’d be a perfect representation 🙂 x

    • Ha ha, yep! I’ve been forcefully pushed out of the way by drunk fans on the tube, and one time there was a group of about 30 of them screaming and banging on the outside of the tube carriage so hard the driver couldn’t shut the doors or leave. It was really scary!!

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