Why I don’t have any bread.

I don’t have any bread because I went to Whole Foods today and the same guy was at the bread counter who frequently slices my bread.  I got embarrassed because I’ve had him slice so many kalamata olive loaves that I knew he’d recognize me and associate me with an olive loaf, so I walked away with no bread.

The end.



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4 responses to “Why I don’t have any bread.

  1. Isn’t that kind of familiarity desirable? It’s pleasant to have a business that recognizes me, so long as the owner knows that I may want something different tomorrow. Where I live, the only affordable grocery store is Walmart–ugh!

    • I don’t know. It’s weird. On one hand it is, on the other hand I get embarrassed about weird things. We have Wal-Mart over here in the form of Asda, but it’s groceries only. They are HUGE stores compared to the average supermarket here.

  2. My best friend is a teacher, and it was spirit day at her school where they had to dress in the school colors. After school she went to Target, parked, looked at the guy pushing in the carts and then left for home when she realized she was wearing tan pants and a red shirt – just like a Target worker. No deodorant for Lori that day.

    • Ha ha!!! I can totally relate to that. I also don’t walk into shops if I’m wearing a recent item of clothing from the place just in case they think I’m pathetic or that I stole it in the dressing room. Only smaller stores in the mall obviously. In a place like Wal-Mart or Target they probably wouldn’t notice if you had on a new shirt from there.

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