A picture I took last year

I just found this when I was preparing pictures for a Civil War post I’m working on. I took it from the back seat of the car in September 2010 on or around Jefferson Davis highway in Virginia.



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8 responses to “A picture I took last year

  1. “The Lord kills” in huge letters on top. “Jesus Saves” in small letters on the bottom. This sufficiently sums up what’s wrong with the priorities of Christians today.

    • Surprisingly I didn’t even notice that. I just saw crazy written all over the van, but yes, it perfectly sums up Christianity today. I just don’t get it. If they thought for two seconds they’d realize a religious supposedly about love would include no words of violence.

  2. Oh wow! They really were spreading the word for a long time before the supposed rapture. Too bad they were wrong. And I agree with Daniel ^.

    • Apparently the guy has revised his statement, saying the 21st was only a spiritual rapture and October is the actual end of days. So we get to laugh when it doesn’t happen all over again! 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t characterize all Christians as being like this rapturous bunch, but it is hard to avoid sarcasm when I see pictures like that. Having grown up in a religious community that was obsessed about the end of the world, I know how seductive and exhausting such beliefs are.

    I now try to do the best that I can and to enjoy what time I have. Surely that’s all that I can be blamed for.

    • Definitely. I guess it’s that I never hear Christians speak out against really any kind of silliness like this, and most of the ones I know are only a few steps short of the so-called rapturous bunch.

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