Apparently there’s a huge farm in the center of London …

Today was yet another shockingly nice day in England, so my friends Polis, Irene, Liz and I went to a farm in the city. I had no idea there was a farm just east of Canary Wharf, London’s financial district. It’s just off the DLR at Mudchute. The only thing I’ve ever associated with that station is the time Adrian fell asleep on the tube going toward Greenwich and when he woke up he was going the opposite direction and was back at Mudchute.

The first things we saw were a herd of sheep and two cows, and there were no gates or people to stop us from walking among them.

You almost forget you’re in the city until you look back and see the city’s tallest buildings.

Running animals (not from us!) …

Back scratcher.

He he

Is it just me or does this pig look like she has really sharp nipples? A nearby sign warned us not to touch the pigs because they “have 44 sharp teeth and they will bite,” but I couldn’t stop looking at the chainsaw nipples.

Emperor Kuzco!

I love this.

Polis action shot.

Then we went for a walk around the area.

Another Polis action shot.

Someone’s yard.

The end!



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57 responses to “Apparently there’s a huge farm in the center of London …

  1. Polis Loizou

    A searing indictment of City wankers. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

  2. I love the picture of the lamb with the flowers!
    Hilarious that the pig is described as almost crocodile-like (44 teeth!?!) yet the pony had no warning (love the ponys face in the picture too).
    Next time I see a pig I am going to pay close attention to the nipples

  3. Free range children? Are they healthier for us? Do they taste better?


  5. Very interesting post and cool photos! : )

  6. Awww, the animals (some of them lol) are so cute. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. FP and you wrote it a month ago? Brilliant! On the pics, well done. They are fabulous….

  8. Lovely pics liked the one with canary wharf behind!!!
    do we need some spl permission to get into the farm!! or just take a walk?

    • Hi, No you don’t need to pay or anything. It’s so weird – you just walk into the farm and you can walk straight up to the sheep and cows. Technically they could just walk out into the street if they felt like it! Definitely check it out!

  9. Yes, this farm featured in one of last year’s Apprentice episodes. You’re right, it does feel like another world!

  10. I must visit the farm next time I am in London. Thanks for sharing your day out.

  11. A farm in a city, what an amazing idea.

  12. roomagoo

    Like your blog- I used to live in the UK so I have a soft spot for all things London-y.

  13. This is in the centre of London? Amazing…

  14. Great photos. My favorite is the wild-eyed horse. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  15. You would never know that is there! I have been to the city farms in Hackney Road and another in Kentish Town, they are strange in themselves just popping up by housing estates, but they don’t have the open fields that yours had. I like the sheep making a break for freedom.

    • I know! I used to live near Greenwich and never even heard about this place. I visited another farm in South West London, but it was NOTHING like this. This place is huge, and obviously the best part is that you can pet the animals!

  16. Whaaat?? I had no idea there was a farm in the middle of London! Also, Free Range Children…that’s hilarious.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Well deserved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. that is crazy! i love that ๐Ÿ™‚
    and miss london… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  18. A fun day out! I’m amazed more people don’t know about this- I alwasy take any visiting children there… ;o)… it really does feel like being on a huge farm!
    Love your blog by the way!

  19. This is so great! I’ve never been to London, but this makes me want to go even more. Love the photos!

  20. Wow!!! Amazing! Plus, I can’t belive you didn’t have to pay or anything..

  21. What a beautiful, sunny day you all encountered in the UK! The sun sporadically emerges whenever I’m in town too… usually in fall and the dead of winter. London is one of my favorite cities, thanks for the info about the farm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Very cool spot in London ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll bet the “children” are the animals, heehee! Congrats on FP!

  23. Wow, that’s funny that there is a farm in the middle of the city. And yes, the pig definitely has chainsaw nipples. Ouch!

  24. I used to live in England too and love reading and seeing these types of posts. My favs were the pic of you all in the grass with the tall city buildings behind you and “chainsaw nipples” haha

  25. HAHA free range children! Love your blog name by the way! great pics

  26. Lovely post. The photographs are beautiful. I particularly like the one with the sheep in the open field and the buildings in the background. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  27. Looked like a fun day, sun and all! Nice pics and congrats on being FP!

  28. rbs

    You’re funny! Can’t stop laughing over the “chainsaw nipples!” Thanks for the good old LOL.

  29. Pie

    I live in that part of the world and it’s to my shame that I have not yet visited that farm. As one of your previous commentators said, there are city farms all over London, but that one looks the most free and natural (leaving aside the vision of the ever dominating Canary Wharf skyline). I really like pictures of the horse and the laaaaamb. There is nothing I can say about the bullet nippled pig. As a born and bred Londoner, I must make more use of what I have around me. Thanks for showing me a place I can visit locally, and congrats on making it to Freshly Pressed.

  30. Wow these pictures are wonderful!

  31. Love the hairstyle on the pony ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Love London, and had no idea about this farm. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Now I wish I was back in London! Glad FP picked it up – truly a case of better late than never.

  34. Mon

    Thats gonna be a huge meat depo for the city. Its very nice. Unlike other cities, “botcha” or meat from double dead animals or not fresh meats only come to the city.

  35. Having worked in CW so many years, I never knew this place existed, what harmony in the middle of that bubble of noise.
    Well that’s another place I can take the kids too, and it’s a nice train ride too.

    Congrats on being FP.

  36. Looked wonderful – will go there soon.

  37. aaaaargh…really wanna go there
    interesting place and nice pics
    I thought “mudchute” was the other thing,
    hmmm…so it’s that place’s name, eh? hehehe, really catchy

  38. wow!!it looks very interesting. i can’t help to go to there now.

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