Changes to my site!

I guess I probably didn’t need to make a whole post announcing the visible changes on my site, but I wanted to give people a place to comment to say how super thrilled, stay-awake-at-night excited they are about my new colors and fonts. I’M SO EXCITED!!

I used to believe in classy, understated acceptance of victory. But as my friend Robin says, if you have something to show off about then you absolutely should. To everyone.

I’m really excited.

If you have a WordPress site and you want me to change YOUR colors and fonts, send me an e-mail and I’ll do it for FREE. I’d love to practice. I have a practice blog so I can just write the code and all you have to do is paste it in the CSS editor. It costs $14.99 to save the changes, so beware.

(sara.kuhlman @



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4 responses to “Changes to my site!

  1. Love it! I used to be suspicious of green, believing it was unlucky. But then I worked in a ski resort and our jackets were bright lime green so we could be spotted in the snow and we loved them. Since then, it’s one of my most favourite, a happy, fun colour. Love the fonts and photo too, well done you!

    • Thank you thank you! I was a bit worried about the green to be honest. I thought it would be too much but I decided to go with it because it’s just so bright and happy!

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