Photos from home. I swear to God they are.

My mom has a new phone so she’s been able to e-mail me quick pictures of what’s happening back home. It looks like certain kitties have been busy!

Did you notice my dad’s pants in that picture? He’s going for the Donnie Baker Zubaz look. I saw Donnie Baker live once, and he was wearing the same Pork Star shirt my dad has. In Columbus, Ohio there is a BBQ restaurant called Hoggy’s, and if you beat the Hoggy’s challenge you get a free shirt that says PORK STAR on the back. You have to eat a ridiculous amount, like a rack of ribs, half a chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, etc.

If you don’t know who Donnie Baker is, then you won’t get this blog post title either.

Here’s a song that’s kind of a compilation of some of the stuff he talks about when he calls into the Bob & Tom radio show. It’s this guy who pretends to be a total redneck hick, and he’s always cracking rude jokes, talking about trying to sell his boat, making fun of his idiot manager Randy,  or telling stories about all the women he porks. His band is called Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols.



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4 responses to “Photos from home. I swear to God they are.

  1. Rhi

    How cute are the kitties 🙂 love them! The new layout is looking fab too, I have blog envy xx

  2. Polis Loizou

    Your cats! /\/\/\_____________

  3. Reminds me of my meowsers. What the cat wants, the cat gets.

  4. Thanks guys! I’ll tell Harris everyone thinks he’s beautiful!

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