The craziest comments ever left on my blog

Remember when I wrote that silly post about why I never took LSD? The conversation came up because we had a weird conversation about aliens and drug use, and I said I didn’t really know anything about LSD, or for that matter, any drugs. Then I said I needed drug education.

Fast forward a month and out of nowhere I get these two comments left by people I don’t know, and they didn’t leave a link so I don’t know where they came from (although my blog stats say someone Google searched for “aliens on LSD” and clicked to my post):

Michael on May 11, 2011 at 11:28 am said:

No offence man. Are you fucking retarded. You claim LSD is so horrible but not fucking shit all about it. Learn to think. Open your mind!

  • Yeah you really need to research and get to know more about what you are claiming is so horrible. Seriously. Read up on Erowid, even wikipedia and you might actually learn a thing or two about the drugs you are putting down. I am not advocating its widespread use, however why not actually research what you are talking about and perhaps experience it before shutting it down.

Holy crap! Mostly I’m really confused. At first I assumed these were spam comments, but they actually talk about LSD so maybe they aren’t. Then I thought maybe it was my friends playing a joke, but that’s kind of dumb and doesn’t make sense anyway because I wrote this so long ago. If it’s not spam or a joke, I think this is funny but a little psychotic! 1) It was clearly intended to be funny, and I said I needed to learn about it. 2) Holy crap, why the anger and language!

So, what do you think? Spam, friend, or crazy psycho tea-bagger (tea partier)?



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14 responses to “The craziest comments ever left on my blog

  1. HAHA! I think they need to switch to ecstasy and “feel the love” – LSD is clearly making them angry and paranoid…….

  2. I can totally relate. One time I wrote a post about dropping food on the floor and the 5 second rule. I got comments about my disregard for health and sanitation safety. I was informed that I needed to read up on it.
    Geesh people, it was a humor post. I wasn’t telling people to go out eat 2 week old food out of a trash dumpster.
    Sorry about your strange comments. Some people just don’t get it.

    • That happened to me too! I wrote about people not washing their hands and about how they get germs everywhere, and some people took it so seriously! They were like “get over it” and “you need germs to survive” etc. I was like … clearly I was joking around.

  3. Rhi

    Firstly, they are clearly avid users of LSD! That stuff is illegal for a reason. I’ve never murdered someone but I will stand by my viewpoint that murder is fricking BAD SHIT.

    Also I love their reasoning that you can’t have an opinion… unless you’ve read about it on wiki. Then you’re practically an expert 🙂 xx

  4. One time I wrote a negative album review and a fan of the band called me Gay Cunningham. That one still stings.

  5. I’ve had some angry and insulting comments too. I don’t object to being insulted, but I’d prefer that the remarks were at least on topic. A better comment would address what I actually wrote. It’s too easy just to be dismissive. I want my readers who disagree to tell me why.

    • Yeah I’ve seen a couple on your blog! Just insulting for no reason, and they have no real argument. I can’t imagine what it must be like to get so angry about an issue but be unable to articulate it into any meaningful thought.

  6. On a similar but somewhat unrelated note, yesterday I was looking at my stats and the stats for search engine terms that lead people to my blog it said “Joseph and Kim Pugliano Newbury Park California address.” I felt a little violated and stalked. Who wants our address? Are they going to send us an invitation to something? If so, why don’t they just ask for it? Creepy.

    • Have you heard of Spokeo? I think that’s what it’s called. You’d be alarmed at how much info is on the net about you. It even had the value of my parent’s house. Scary!

  7. Well I hear that you’ve made it once your blog starts getting negative comments, so you must be well on your way to blog celebrity!! 🙂 Ha. I will say that I think Sam makes an excellent point. How can you possibly know that LSD is so horrible if you haven’t at least researched it…or better yet, tried it for yourself?! Don’t knock it till you try it is my motto!

    Kidding of course:)

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