Operation Couch to 5K is still going strong!

It’s hard to be a serious runner when you have a small head. I had to buy a pink and white polka dot headband in the kids section at Boots (the UK’s CVS) because adult headbands slide straight off my head, leaving my bangs to fly around and poke my eyeballs while I run.

I tried the adult headbands with rubber for traction so they wouldn’t slide back, but they only thing they accomplished was making me angry that I wasted £3 on worthless headbands.

I’m so freakin’ serious about running that I now have a stop-watch as well. Check it, yo!

OK, so it’s technically week 4, but I had to miss a week due to my shifts at work. To prove to myself that I wasn’t a failure I did two runs last weekend and two runs this weekend to make up for it.

I still haven’t picked out a 5K race for this summer. I guess part of me wanted to make sure I didn’t fail and end up wasting the money. The other part is just lazy. I want to fast-forward to the time where I’m already able to run half-marathons. That’s my goal for next year.

I used to feel like this in school. We were in the military so until high school I never spent longer than  a year in each place before moving to the next. Every September I’d always want to fast-forward to November when I knew I’d already have friends and wouldn’t have to desperately search for someone to hang out with me during lunch hour. In November I’d already have friends and could relax in the hours leading up to lunch. I hated school.

Until next time.


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