I hate Photoshop.

I want to be a little kid again. If your toy sucks you can break it, or just throw it in the toy trunk and never play with it again. When you’re an adult your “toys” cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so breaking them would feel worse than the original anger. Besides, it’s too much work to go outside and get a large stick to stab through your computer.

Instead, you have to sit there while a very dense ball of anger builds inside you, kind of like a neutron star of hate.

Photoshop is a butthole. It’s capable of stunning things, yet all I could do was produce this piece of crap after an hour’s work trying to create a new header for my little blog.

Maybe I don’t hate Photoshop. Maybe I just hate myself for never learning this before now.

Why, oh, why can’t it be the future already so I can just download information straight into my brain?



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9 responses to “I hate Photoshop.

  1. nat

    yeah, I feel you. It was my job to do that crap at one time. Also, I tried to upgrade Win 7 from 32 bit to 64 bit….seems as though YOU CANNOT DO THAT. I have to reinstall Windows completely. ARGH!

  2. I’ve had some success with this program:


    The best quality of it? It’s free.

  3. I used Google Picasa to my my blog header. It was super easy (meaning even I could do it). I’ve never used Photoshop before! If I knew how to use it, I’d probably have a lot of fun with it (bikini photo shoot time!)

  4. I hate Photoshop because my step dad always uses it to ‘fix’ me. Like the time he added eyeliner or the time he added highlights or my favorite – the time he edited out my nose ring. Why can’t I be pretty as is?

  5. Dale Scherfling

    I teach photography and my classes use Picasa. We’ve been using it a couple of years now. Very user-friendly.

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