My 1995 New Year’s Resolution

In 1994 I started fourth grade. I had lots of friends still, because that was the age just before things like trendy clothes, boobs, drinking, etc. mattered. It was before being a Girl Scout was social suicide.

I was a bit younger in this pic, but you get the idea of how rad I was.

I had a crush on a boy named C.J., and I decided my New Year’s resolution in 1995 would be to kiss a boy. It didn’t have to be C.J., it could be any eligible bachelor in the fourth grade. I had thought kissing sounded like fun for a while, and for some reason when I was in Kindergarten I thought it would be fun to kiss Robin from the 1960s Adam West Batman show.

I used to pretend like I was on the show. My sister was a newborn, so I didn’t have anyone to talk to at night. When I was forced to go to bed I’d sit in my room and pretend like I was on a mission, singing the tune the whole time: Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh BAT-MAN! Weird, huh?

Probably not due to history of weirdness as such, but I definitely didn’t meet my New Year’s resolution in ’95.



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4 responses to “My 1995 New Year’s Resolution

  1. I don’t call it weird, but that may be because I was the same kind of dreamer. It’s better to be that way than to be normal.

  2. OMG! Where were you in ’95???! (Sorry, that was slightly inappropriate … but you looked pretty rad then).

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