My question for the Queen

When I first saw the Queen at the wedding today, all I could think was: What’s in her handbag?

Click here for a series of pictures of the Queen at the Royal Wedding.

Honestly, what could possibly be in there? She doesn’t need money or credit cards, she isn’t going to be powdering her face or putting on lipstick, she most likely doesn’t have a cell phone, so what’s in there?

Two people I asked said “a gun,” and another person said “a brick.” Any other ideas? Personally I favor the gun.

I’m not the only one wondering this.  After the wedding Bob and Tom tweeted the same question.

I think the Queen should answer to the people. What’s in your purse?



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7 responses to “My question for the Queen

  1. More than likely her favourite camera, a Rollei 35S compact 35mm rollfilm camera.

  2. It had better not be a gun, since handguns are supposed to be illegal if you’re not in law enforcement or the military. Perhaps the Queen is above that law. . .

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