On location: The Royal Wedding eve!

People started camping out Wednesday for Friday’s Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton so I went into the city today to see how crazy things are.  It was every bit as exciting and crazy as you’d expect!

Westminster Abbey, where they’ll marry.

Detail above the door.

I saw TV crews from every major news channel you could imagine. Even the Philadelphia news had a crew!

Her shirt says “BACK AGAIN” and has a picture of her and her friends at the wedding of Charles and Diana.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I’ve always found Buckingham Palace fairly unremarkable compared with other buildings in London, and especially with other palaces and castles. The surrounding St. James’ park, however, is gorgeous.

Unfortunately I can’t go tomorrow because I’ll be at work, although I do work close enough that I could risk the crowds and head over …



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4 responses to “On location: The Royal Wedding eve!

  1. You are going to make lots of people jealous that you are in such close proximity of this event. Your pics are fabulous and I am going to check back and see what else you can capture during this time. And do you really meant to tell me you didn’t save a sick day or couldn’t call in sick?! Well, I guess everyone will be trying that tomorrow, thought, won’t they? Why don’t they just shut everything but the restaraunts and hotels down? Everyone will be trying to get over there anyway. How fun and exciting! I remember watching the Charles and Diana wedding on T.V. All my working friends were so jealous. Hmmmm….I have two monitors on my desk at work. Maybe I’ll put the wedding on one up in the corner!

    Have fun and be careful!

    • If I wasn’t getting paid so much extra for working today (the government made today a holiday in honor of the wedding) I’d definitely NOT be working lol. Mostly everything is shut down, the only reason we’re still open is because supposedly the news never sleeps but I seriously doubt we’ll do any work today.
      I’ll try to get some more pictures, but I’m not hopeful 😦

  2. Rhi

    Pictures look amazing, I really wish I could be there. Bad thing about leaving England.. no wedding public holiday and missing the excitement in London! xxx

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