Who protects the animals?

Yet another videotape has surfaced of extreme cruelty and abuse of animals on factory farms, but this isn’t the worst news. Some state legislators are trying make documenting these acts illegal.

If unspeakable acts of cruelty are being comitted with the knowledge that it could potentially be leaked, how much more will happen and how much worse will it get when no one is watching?

Mark Bittman at the New York Times has written another great piece questioning who will protect the animals if laws like this are passed. I thought this quote was particularly haunting:

The biggest problem of all is that we’ve created a system in which standard factory-farming practices are inhumane, and the kinds of abuses documented at E6 are really just reminders of that. If you’re raising and killing 10 billion animals every year, some abuse is pretty much guaranteed.



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2 responses to “Who protects the animals?

  1. This is so scary, what kind of society would want to pass laws like that? Would they pass the same law about children, or battered adults? Surely not. These animals deserve more respect, whether they’re reared for consumption or not. It’s disgusting!

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