I feel bad for my mom

Most daughters have annoying mothers who constantly ask them when they are going to start popping out little bambinos. I’ve had many people ask me when I’m going to start having kids, but my parents have never said a word.

I asked my mom if she wanted grandchildren and why she never asked us, and she said she does, but she didn’t want to be annoying because she knows how it feels to have people hassle you.

My sister isn’t any closer to having children. I worry that one day my mom is going to have to wear this shirt:

You can purchase the shirt here.



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4 responses to “I feel bad for my mom

  1. Kathy Kuhlman

    I have a feeling I’m going to need that t-shirt…
    Tanya and I were talking in the car one time about all the cute stuff our kitties do. We sounded like we were discussing our grandchildren! It was funny because we caught ourselves and commented on the fact that our cats were like our grandchildren!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with that shirt. I’ve known many cats and dogs that were better people than quite a few humans that I’ve known.

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