I found a reason to have children.

When I was growing up I never carried around baby dolls or dreamed of having a family with lots of little tots.

Even into adulthood I never dreamed of having tots until I saw Requiem for a Dream and realized I’m going to be that woman.

Being that I’m a woman, I’ll likely live longer than Adrian. Because we have no children, and at that point my parents will also likely be dead, I’m going to be sitting alone in my apartment watching television and stroking one of my several cats.

I’m going to become so engrossed in television because I won’t have anything else to live for. For whatever reason I’ll be prescribed pills by a careless doctor, and before you know it I’ll be reliving Requiem for a Dream, running around town yelling out, “I’m going to be on television!”

You could argue that she had a child and he didn’t take care of her so my plan is worthless, but that wouldn’t happen to me. I’d make sure I had a few and I wouldn’t be putting up with any of the crap that would lead to my kids entering the drug life. All of my children will be straight edges, because I’ll teach them the high road is the way to roll. You don’t want to be on the regular road because it’s crowded and full of traffic jams.

Has anyone else watched this movie and immediately thought, “This is my future”?



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15 responses to “I found a reason to have children.

  1. I watched this movie and thought, “Yeah, this is Sara’s future.”

  2. Nah, just get some more cats. They’ll keep you in line.

  3. Adrian

    You’ll never be alone because I plan to live forever. Either that or I will spend my last remaining days making sure that I know how to come back and haunt you.

  4. There’s only one show where a ho like you could get on TV. It’s too bad your mom is dead in this scenario. I think she’d do good work as the angry mother who wants the world to understand what a piece of trash your baby’s denying daddy is.

    • You’re never going to respect me until I go on Maury, are you? I’d apply, but nothing has happened to me that would warrant a place on a show! Maybe if the dream about your dad comes true …

      • Well, you’re pretty good looking. Have you ever considered trying to get work as one of the sexy decoys they use to bust cheaters? I’ve always wondered how far they are encouraged to go. If it’s “all the way” shouldn’t someone step in and stop it?

  5. I wonder if Netflix has it on the instant play list. I’m intrigued. I can give you a really really good reason to have kids. I just have to show you a couple of pictures of my Noah when he was little. He’s beautiful now but when he was a baby he was edible and he smelled good and he was a little love.

    • Aw! But Kim, your pregnancy stories scared me lol!!

      And I have the equivalent of Netflix in England, and I saw it on the instant play list. Granted they most likely don’t have the same lists, but you never know! Be warned – it’s very disturbing!

  6. Never seen it, but I’ve heard from the husband that it’s pretty disturbing. And I kind of really hate drugs and movies that show them being used, so…yuck! I guess it’s good that I’ve got a bun in the oven to keep me sane and drug-free in my old age:) Haha.

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