My new favorite healthy snack that I can’t stop dreaming about

How have I been missing out on Greek yoghurt my whole life?

Yesterday for breakfast I went to a little cafe and tried a bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey, granola and fruit and it was so good I was thinking about it the entire day. After work I went straight to the grocery and bought the fixin’s to make my own!

All you need:

Greek yoghurt
Fruit (I used strawberries, but I would have liked to have added blueberries if they’d had good ones)

Wash and chop the strawberries, then pour a little honey on the bottom and sides of the dish.

Fill with a couple heaping spoonfuls of yoghurt then top with granola. The granola I bought was lightly baked in honey and had various seeds added in (including pumpkin seeds – my favorite!).

Top with the chopped berries and you have yourself a healthy, tasty treat! I ate this for breakfast yesterday and dessert last night. Then I had it again this morning. I know, I’m obsessive.

My dinner last night was also tasty and fresh. I made a spinach salad with olive oil and lemon juice, then topped it with fried red bell pepper and fresh calamari that had been marinated in black pepper, red pepper and sea salt. It was from Marks and Spencer!

I felt like Spring after this meal!



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5 responses to “My new favorite healthy snack that I can’t stop dreaming about

  1. It’s too bad you still don’t dream about being the best guest in Maury history. Today was lie detector cheating tests and this woman claimed her husband was cheating because she had an “infection.” Well, it turns out not only was he not cheating, but she hadn’t even gone to the doctor to confirm whether or not this “infection” was of the sexually transmitted kind. How can life get any better than watching people who announce they have STD’s on television before getting actual medical confirmation?

    • If you paid attention in high school health class you’d know that there are many infections with which you don’t need a doctor’s confirmation. Must have been bad, huh?
      And I’d still love to go on Maury. They probably get paid right? How hard is it to act like a total white trash idiot? When you are white trash you can pretty much do or say anything as long as it’s roughly within the law.

      In England I think they have Maury but I’m not sure. Their version is Jeremy Kyle, but he’s not as good.

  2. Jeremy Kyle? What a stupid sounding name. I don’t even need to see his show to confirm that he sucks ass.
    Also, what’s the black version of white trash? The black guests are every bit as bad. That’s what makes Maury so great. He is an equal opportunity draw for the lowest common denominator in any race.

  3. Kim

    I love to eat my strawberries with sugar only – but that’s not very healthy 😦

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