Weekend walk

Last weekend we had kind of nice weather in London so we went for a walk in a park about a mile from our house and took some pictures. We decided to be healthy and walk the 1.5 miles home rather than take a smelly bus full of crazy people. When you live in a big city there are stray people everywhere. You can’t escape them.

On to the walk:

You’d think once you’ve taken a picture of one flower you wouldn’t need to take any more, but they are so pretty I always end up taking another picture!

The water was so still except for a couple ripples. I think Adrian took this picture.

He also took this one.

Along the walk we came across a farm. It’s always weird to see farm animals. Normally the only place you see cows is ground up between two buns. 😦

I want to hug this guy!

I know he’s dirty, but I really want to hug him too!

I’ve been learning a lot about pigs recently. Apparently they are as smart or smarter than dogs. One interesting point I read in one of Michael Pollan’s books was that many dogs will receive a Christmas present this year, but no one will give a second thought to the pig sitting on the table in the form of the Christmas ham. That made me feel really sad!



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5 responses to “Weekend walk

  1. this guy that you want to hug has a cute name in china”cao ni ma”~~~~haha
    i like it too
    it has a funny face and make me happy 🙂

  2. “there are stray people everywhere” – this is a beautiful line, brilliant!

    Please rest assured that we always give the roast meat in our house a lot of thought. We’re not extra-specially nice people or anything but we live on a farm and I look at the lambs and cows every morning as I clean my teeth so I always give thanks to them and appreciate that they give their life so I can eat, have nice shoes, bags etc.

    Great pictures, love the alpacas’ serious white eyebrows!

  3. Lovely pics- yay for good weather in England! The farm animals are sooo cute, but you’re right, it is weird to see food up and walking around! x

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