I’ll miss pub lunches when I leave England!

Pubs are always welcoming places.

Especially when it’s sunny out and they have a rooftop bar/restaurant area! Here’s an Englishman I documented:

Obviously, the best part is the food. Meet pie platter, a platter with two chicken and leek pies and two steak pies, plus some hearty “chips.”

This doesn’t exactly fit in with my healthy eating kick, but I can’t imagine a world in which I’m able to resist a good pie. Honestly. Look at this thing:

English people like to say “ta” or “ta very much” (in this case “ta v much”) and oddly “ta muchly,” which I try to ignore because it’s the kind of word that could easily irritate me.

Typically you’d have a Sunday roast, but I don’t currently have pictures of our latest roast. Blame my mom. They are on her camera and she went back to the US without downloading them!



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9 responses to “I’ll miss pub lunches when I leave England!

  1. thenakedlistener

    You’re not leaving the UK for good, are you? After resettling in Hong Kong since the mid-1980s or early 90s, not a day goes by for me that I still miss pub lunches.

    • Not for a couple years, so I’ll try to get my fill of pub lunches. Hopefully I’ll learn to make pies on my own so I won’t have to go to pubs so much for them! Maybe you should start a pub in Hong Kong!

      • But … but … but going to pubs for lunch is the whole point of living and working – isn’t it?

        Yeah, right, pub in Hong Kong … we got them (albeit dwindling in numbers). Trouble is, rent in Hong Kong is about two or three times higher than New York!

        (Oh, well, back to the pub for a drink to mull over how to pay rent…)

  2. And the beer on-draught is better too.

  3. That was just cruel to go posting pictures like that when pregnant ladies might be reading! 🙂 That looks soooo good!

    Also, didn’t realize the English said ta. My Australian stepmom always says it, and I heard it a lot while I was there, but don’t remember it in England. Very cool!

  4. caitlin0210

    Those pies look amazing. Where is that pub?!

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