Amazing, beautiful, wonderful Venice in a few words (and a ton of pictures!)

I just got back from Venice and all I can say is there is a reason it’s a major tourist destination. It was amazing. And filled with Americans. So many Americans, in fact, that I’ve taken to calling it the “51st state.”

It was so weird! I’ve visited quite a few European cities and never seen anything like it. I really felt like I was back home, walking around in a movie set of some picture-perfect, postcard town. I couldn’t stop singing Dean Martin songs in my head the entire time! I know, I know.

My mom and I drank lots of Bellinis, a cocktail invented in Venice that’s made of Prosecco (sparkling wine) and fresh peach juice, and ate lots of Italian food. Naturally I’ll have to write another post focused on the food and our beautiful accommodation.

Another interesting thing is that there are no cars in the main part of the city so you have to either walk or take water taxis. They actually have the taxi sign, and it’s so cute.

I’ll keep the written narration to a minimum, because there really is no describing Venice. We mostly walked around and took pictures of the canals, beautiful buildings and gondolas. Almost all of the pictures were taken with my new Nikon D5000. I LOVE it!!

Doge’s Palace

The above and below pictures were taken in San Marco in the main starting point for tourists.

All of the Gondoliers wore traditional black and white shirts and hats.

The gondolas all looked like this, with the same forked ends on the boat.

The view from the tower where Galileo used to fiddle with his telescope.

Monster sized seagulls were rampant around the islands. They dwarfed the pigeons and were the biggest gulls I’ve ever seen.

I got a fantastic deal (steal) on Expedia for the Venice Hilton, and I tell you what (said in Hank Hill voice). Wow. Since it was across the water they provided a free water taxi to San Marco. I can’t recommend this hotel enough.

Below is the Rialto bridge, the oldest bridge in Venice. I actually didn’t like it very much because although it’s March it was packed with tourists and crappy souvenir  shops. It was much better to walk through the city and see all the uncrowded, small bridges over the many canals.

My mom eating her chocolate gelato in San Marco by the famous basilica.

Our last pizza. We weren’t sure it was going to be good because it was close to tourist central, but it was excellent and it even had fresh basil which I adore.

I couldn’t get over how cool this is. It’s got to be the coolest gas station in the world.

So good.

Sure, if you want to go ahead and compliment me on how freakin’ awesome my 70s camera strap is, go ahead. When I got my new camera last month my dad gave me his strap that he had for his Nikon back in the day. Way back in the day. Obviously it was really sunny. I could barely open my eyes for this pic!

The view of the mountains from my seat in the rear of the airplane back to England. Perfect end to the trip!



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5 responses to “Amazing, beautiful, wonderful Venice in a few words (and a ton of pictures!)

  1. Amazing pictures! I’m dying to go back to Europe now that I have a decent camera. I guess it will probably be a while….but someday I will return!
    Oh, and the camera strap? Awesome! It would go perfectly with the old tan leather camera bag that my dad used to use way back in the day and passed along to me:)

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