I’m white! And maybe a dinosaur.

I finally decided to change my blog layout. I hope you like it. Unfortunately I have serious stuff going on so I won’t be able to blog again for at least one week. Maybe two.

BTW, my right hand really hurts. I hope it’s not carpal tunnel syndrome. What if it’s caused by holding a mouse too much? That seems to be what irritates it. I worry it’s going to freeze like that and I’ll end up walking around looking like a half T-rex.

Sorry for the poor quality of the drawing. Like I said, my hand really hurts.

Talk to you in a week.





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11 responses to “I’m white! And maybe a dinosaur.

  1. That’s pretty good for someone who has crippled their right hand. Even if you did you MS Paint from 1995. I do like the new layout. Clean and tidy and oh so beautifully black and white.

    Of course, I may be biased.

  2. I used to get that feeling in my hand holding the mouse at work if I was designing covers on Photoshop all day. It must be caused I guess by prolonged clicking? or dragging? But I think I know exactly what you’re talking about. I usually have step away and stretch my hand all weird like for a few minutes for it to ease up.

  3. Hope you get your serious stuff sorted out and that everything is ok!

  4. Hey, I like it. I might change mine, when it starts getting warmer, back to the white I originally had. Don’t know yet. For now, I like mine dark.

    Caught up on some of your reads. Too funny about “Adrian smells…”

    Sorry, your hand is cramped. Try to learn to be a ambidextrous. I practice sometimes because you never know when you might lose the use of your good hand. :O (Is that negative thinking or just being on top of things — just in case?)

    Hey, I’m finally going to make my blogroll like it’s supposed to be and put down the really cool sites I like. I’m adding yours, okay? Thanks, in advance. And congrats on the new camera! Better keep that guy. 😉

    • I’ d love to be on your blogroll – thanks!! And I read your comment about how to fix my shirt. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have been so busy, but I will soon. Thanks for the advice!

      • Your welcome. Hopefully, you can still fix it. It helps to do it immediately after the “oops!”

        I wrote two other replies to a couple of your other posts and, for some reason, they didn’t show up. Basically, I said I really liked your photos of Paris and that the buildings look like they’re made of gold. 🙂

      • I hate when that happens! I think it’s just WordPress messing up or something, because sometimes I write replies and they just won’t post for whatever reason. Thank you for the intended comments though, I had an amazing time in Paris!

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