Wow. The things I never thought I’d learn about Adrian Grenier

I always thought Adrian Grenier was kind of cute.

Then I found out that his wang smells bad and he has a hairy butt.  How did I find this out?

Sometimes I become immature. I was getting ready to put the computer on Adrian’s (my husband) side of the bed when I decided to play a little dumb trick I sometimes do.  I left one tab on Google open and entered the words “Adrian smells …” but Google started predicting before I finished typing and came up with tons of websites.

The top three included sites about:

– Satanism

– Butternut squash cous cous

– How “apparently Adrian Grenier’s penis does not smell good.”

I had a little laugh, then decided to finish my dumb joke.

I entered “Adrian smells like a hairy butthole” into the search tab, not expecting anything to come up. That way Adrian would go to search something and find my little love letter.

But then this came up as the top search and I didn’t even press search:

“Adrian Grenier Has a Hairy Ass”

I love Google.


***UPDATE: Since posting this, if you Google “Adrian smells like a hairy butthole,” my blog is the number one website! Cool, huh?



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4 responses to “Wow. The things I never thought I’d learn about Adrian Grenier

  1. Hahaha, I LITERALLY lol’d at this post! And while Adrian Grenier’s hairy ass is certainly interesting, I find myself wanting to know more about this butternut squash couscous. That sounds delicious! 🙂

  2. Yeah, it definitely does. I’m a big squash and cous cous lover!

  3. I love this post. I also need to steal this trick and use it on Joe. I wonder if I’ll get anything nearly as interesting.

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