Hey cool. I finally have a New Year’s resolution.

Generally I hate New Year’s resolutions. I hate them because everyone gets all bright-eyed and hopeful, but we realists know they’ll all fail within two weeks. It makes me anxious waiting for people to fail. It’s like when you wake up a half hour before your alarm goes off, and you get so anxious you can’t get back to sleep then you spend the whole day tired and angry.

Why not just make resolutions all year round? That way you won’t look dumb when you fail and I remember that you failed.

That being said, I now have a resolution, and if I fail you can ridicule me. Two years ago I saw Hannah Montana: The Movie and fell in love with it. There is a dance sequence called “Hoedown Throwdown”  that is captivating so I’ve decided I’m going to learn to do it because it would be beyond cool.

Below I’ll post both the song link as well as Miley Cyrus’ instructional video. Please be aware that you need to watch at least 50 seconds to get to the dance, and if you want to see how cool it looks once you really get into it then you need to watch the entire thing. The whole place gets involved!

I’m not the only one to learn this. Twenty million people have viewed the instructional video. That’s almost half as many people as the amount of Americans who don’t have health insurance. Serious stuff.

Wish me happy popping and locking!


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