The dead side of Paris

Did you know that below the streets of Paris there is an extensive tunnel network that also holds thousands of human bones? When Paris’ cemeteries were overflowing and causing public health problems in the 18th century they decided to exhume the bodies and bury them in the Catacombs below the streets.

For 8 Euros you can walk through the tunnels and see this:

It seems to go on forever. You walk and walk through long dark, and sometimes low-ceiling tunnels lined with the neatly stacked bones of thousands of Parisians.

Parts of it also used to be a mine, and here is a well they used as a water source.

You think this is an average cute Parisian apartment building, but directly below these houses are bone-filled Catacombs.

Well … we are sightseeing so why not snap a pic?

Yeah, it was cool.



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12 responses to “The dead side of Paris

  1. That is so weird! I had no idea. I love the contrast of your jolly, fluffy ear-muffs and the skulls.

  2. nat

    In French class in high school, our teacher regaled us with her story (too many times she did) about going into the catacombs. I imagine if you took a different foreign language, you missed out on French teacher stories. Lucky you…

    • Yeah, I took German from a lady who couldn’t speak German. Well, supposedly she could. All she ever did was eat and have us watch movies. She died of a heart attack shortly after adopting an orphaned Chinese girl.

  3. I am REALLY jealous. My high school French teachers also talked about the catacombs a lot, and then when we went on our high school trip to France, we didn’t even go. It was disappointing.

  4. I’ve heard about this and I’ve always wanted go!!!! I remember learning about this when I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I think there’s a scene that takes place there. This may be the most jealous I’ve been of your life and I’m always jealous of your travels!

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