Ever wonder what the Mona Lisa actually looks like?

I took the train to Paris this weekend, and I took so many pictures I’ll have to post in installments!

You see so many reproductions and mock Mona Lisa pictures that when you actually see it after walking through such a grand building with giant pictures it seems small!

Most of the time I was too busy looking at the ceilings and architecture to look at the paintings.

The view from inside the Louvre, where you buy your tickets.

And another view of the big triangle from inside one of the galleries.

Before we left late Sunday we decided to walk around the Louvre and take some night pictures.

More pics to come later!



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7 responses to “Ever wonder what the Mona Lisa actually looks like?

  1. Send those pics to the Parisian tourist board PRONTO.

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest! And can I just say once again how jealous I am that you can just take a quick flight and spend the weekend in Germany, Paris, etc? Yeah, really, really jealous!! Glad you are taking advantage of it:)

  3. Those pictures are amazing! I’m so jealous you went I really hope I get the chance to visit all these places you get to one day!

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