Adrian Doesn’t Read My Food Blog.

Adrian was watching me type my latest entry for my food blog, Divorce Hungry, when I got annoyed. I don’t like people watching me write.

I told him he’d have to wait to read it like the other 10 people who read it, and then he admitted to me that he’s not one of those 10 people.

He said, “Why would I need to read it? I ate it.”

Then he said, “Is it going to make a difference if it’s 11 hits over 10?”

After I told him I was going to put this conversation on my blog he said, “Don’t put it on your food blog, no one will read it.”




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6 responses to “Adrian Doesn’t Read My Food Blog.

  1. How dare Adrian!!! I would have read it on either of your blogs. Let’s break up with Adrian. At least for the day.

  2. Got to admire his logic.


  3. I can’t stand people watching my write either! Nathan does it sometimes, and I have to tell him to back the eff up! 🙂 I don’t know what it is…once it’s posted I guess it’s ok since I write a public blog, but while I’m writing it? No way!

    • I know, I feel so embarrassed! I guess it’s because sometimes when you write you might write something stupid and then erase it, and if someone is watching they see all the dumb stuff you say!

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