I Like To Feel Smart

If you want your kid to have any shot at feeling smart in this big bad world then I highly recommend you get him or her a United States map placemat.

When I was little my mom got me one of these with all the capitals included, and in the past 20 years I’ve had numerous opportunities to dazzle people with my knowledge of state locations, spellings and capitals.

Recently  my co-workers asked me to take an online quiz where you have a blank United States map and you have to try to name all the states as quickly as you can. You have only ten minutes to name all 50 states.


Take the quiz, and see if you can beat my score. It took me 2.5 minutes to name all 50 states. If you beat me, maybe you shouldn’t tell me. I like to feel smart.



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4 responses to “I Like To Feel Smart

  1. I am bedazzled by your smartness!

  2. Buy them a world map too. You’d be surprised how many people think Honduras is in Europe, or that Africa is a country.

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