Obsessions That Have Nothing To Do With The New Year

I specified the fact that my obsessions have nothing to do with the New Year because I’m the Grinch of New Year’s. Resolutions are generally pointless, and last only long enough for you to sign a year long contract at your local gym and then go for a week before forgetting you signed up.

But anyway. I get obsessed with things. I start liking something and then think about nothing but that for days, or even weeks. When I became obsessed with Mario Kart Wii I was unable to blog due to my brain not being able to process any thoughts about anything besides playing more MK. Remember, if you want to play me online just send me an e-mail or comment and we can arrange something.

I’ve recently discovered Fable 2 thanks to my sister, and I feel an obsession coming on. I’m a gypsy hero, and I can flirt with guys, sleep in caravans and fart. I also go on missions and fight evil creatures, although at this point I’ve only gotten to fight beetles.

There was a time (in August) when I thought I killed my Twitter bird. I joined Twitter in 2009, but then I forgot about it after a couple posts and became convinced that no one actually used it and that they only said they did to try to be cool.

Then this guy I work with (you can view his website here) started talking about Twitter, blah blah. I told him my views and in a couple short sentences he convinced me I was wrong. Now I’m obsessed with Twitter. I keep trying to find people to follow and am constantly checking my updated tweets. Please follow me on Twitter so I can feel special. Right now I don’t tweet much because there is no one to listen except the porn star spammers who regularly add me. [tears] If you follow me, I’ll follow you! (at)sarakuhlman

It really helps fill time if you don’t have a lot of work to do, and I find out so much stuff from following the New York Times. I also go to their website every day, but sometimes I miss stuff and with Twitter I’m updated immediately. I follow Michael Pollan, because I also recently became obsessed with his views on food, which you can read about here on my food blog.

I guess that sums up my obsessions for January: Michael Pollan, Twitter, Fable 2 and Mario Kart Wii.



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3 responses to “Obsessions That Have Nothing To Do With The New Year

  1. I might have only posted this to test out my new WordPress connection to my Twitter feed…

  2. That’s wonderful , I too did not understand the so called ‘coolness’ of Twitter when it was becoming almost like a big fashion statement among people but off late I was proved wrong . It is a big obsession now for me just like you!
    Twitter IQ Test – Tweet, ReTweet, Follow – Can you demystify the Twitter lingo?

  3. Hey, girl. I love twitter and have been doing it for a while now. Follow me and I will follow you. That sounds like a song title, or a bible verse…? Free-to-fart gypsies must have all the fun in life. Lucky you.

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