Taiwan Woman Marries … Herself?

Taiwan Woman to Marry Herself for New Life in New Year


I’m not really sure what to say about this. When I read it I had a reaction and thought, “I should share this with people,” but any more than that I just don’t know.

She said she felt lucky to be able to meet and fall in love with herself, so she planned a full, traditional wedding and got hitched. To herself.

Mostly this makes me regretful that I never think of anything so ridiculous I make the news for it.



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6 responses to “Taiwan Woman Marries … Herself?

  1. LL

    Another person did this a while ago, also in Taiwan – supposedly as a protest against all the pressures of getting married/having babies. I wouldn’t go to the extremes she did, but I don’t blame her for being fed up: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11722248

    • Yeah, I understand that. If you are doing it as a protest it’s not so crazy. But if you really do love yourself … maybe a little crazy! I heard about a guy marrying his pillow. That’s pretty funny!

  2. I think the scariest part is that she’s a therapist! People pay her to be SANE and give good advice. Yikes:)

    • LL

      I have a feeling she is as popular/qualified as Dr. Phil. She probably wants more fame? I try to rationalize these crazy people but it could be just that they are crazy =/

  3. Oh, the jokes! What happens when she’s feeling frisky, but has a headache? Who’s going to get nagged when the dishes need doing? What if she gets divorced? I thought Arkansas marriages were the subject of humor, but seriously. . .

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