White Christmas at Royal Albert Hall

Last year Adrian took me to the Christmas With the Rat Pack musical because I love Dean Martin and I love Christmas. It was magical. That’s the only word to describe it.

The whole evening was made even more perfect by the fact that Adrian was too tall for our seats. He told the people he couldn’t fit in the seat, so they gave us a private box seat right by the stage! Here’s me in the box last year, wearing my black Carrie Bradshaw dress:

This year he surprised me with tickets to see the White Christmas concert at Royal Albert Hall! He went ahead and bought a box seat for us, and it was really cool because it had those thick red curtains. Unfortunately the lighting was kind of dark and my camera isn’t very good, so my pictures don’t show how magically Christmas it was.

You know who had the coolest earrings at the show? Me. Jingle bell earrings from Target circa 2008. I walk around a lot furiously shaking my head so I can hear the merry sound of jingles.

The best thing about the day was that it really was a White Christmas. We got snow!! England never has snow, but this is the second “big” snow we have had in a month!

I woke up to snow outside muh winduh this weekend:

Then I walked through the park by my house. I decided I really, really hate this stupid person for parking their POC car behind this cute post box covered with snow.

Post box ruined by POC:

Park by my house:



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3 responses to “White Christmas at Royal Albert Hall

  1. Are you kidding?! Those pics of the concert hall are very “Christmasy.” Love those colors!! And you look lovely in your CB dress.

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