A Weekend in Cologne

Last weekend we went to Germany for their famous Christmas markets. I chose Cologne because I’d heard it was nice and I’ve never been. Good choice!

On the short, one hour flight I got a little cold so I put my coat over my legs. The flight attendant saw me and asked if I wanted a blanket. I was a little confused by this customer service because it was only an hour flight and I hadn’t even asked. I said yes, and the lady said, “Would you also like a pillow?”

“Um … sure, I guess.” I didn’t know what was happening.

So she brings me an actual feather pillow and a nice Lufthansa blanket, way better than the flimsy crap you get on international Delta flights. I couldn’t believe it. I only paid £70 return for the ticket. THEN they gave us food!! Best flight ever.

On to Cologne. At the airport the first thing we saw was a display of the glass used to make the skywalk at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which I thought was funny.

The first Christmas market we happened to come to. It was at one of the main medieval gates to the city, where Kings used to pass through.

At the market near the Cathedral you could look up through the lights and see this towering above you:

Regular German in a Polizei (police) car? Terrifying. Little kid in a Polizei car on a carousel? Cute!!

Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and admit … that you (accidentally) took an amazing picture on the first try:

I didn’t edit that or anything. I guess I could edit pictures, but with the quality of my camera it’s probably not worth the effort.

This guy was standing here in the middle of the Alter Markt spinning a wheel on a machine that churned out Christmas tunes. It was really funny and looked so German!

 What was that? You wanted to see a picture of me eating a German breakfast? OK:

Right in the middle of the city there were excavating ancient Roman ruins from what they think was a house.

Here is the Rathaus, which is their city hall. There was a wedding happening the day we went!

We got to walk underground in one of the Roman sewers.

In the Praetorium you can see the remains of the foundation of the main government building when the city was occupied by the Romans.

Another gate we stumbled upon:

Yep. Those are bones lining the walls in intricate designs. There are human bones all over the walls, and inside most of the sculptures there are more bones and skulls.

Lots of wood carvings at the markets, but my favorite part of the picture is the little man on the toiletten sign!

The Romerturm is the best preserved part of the original wall guarding the city.

Dr. Muller doesn’t sound sexy. He sounds scary.

The bridge over the Rhine had a gate that was covered in padlocks. Couples had etched or otherwise engraved their name and anniversary on them. The oldest one I saw was from 1962.

City view from a tower on the other side of the river:

So cute! Our dinner on our Lufthansa flight was a mini schnitzel and potato salad, despite the flight being only an hour as I mentioned before. Unbelievable!

Go to Cologne!



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10 responses to “A Weekend in Cologne

  1. First of all, I love that you are so adorable. It makes me like your blog that much more. Secondly, now I REALLY want to move to England and take hour-long trips to Germany. Way more fun than a 50-minute flight to Sacramento where all I can see is my uncle and the terminator.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing your photos! They are amazing. I so wish I lived somewhere that I could take a one hour flight to all sorts of European cities!! You’re a lucky lady:)
    And that one picture? You know the one I’m talking about…so awesome! Well done!

  3. Pics look amazing (especially that one that turned out great- its incredible!). Hope you enjoyed it, it looks lovely! The padlock idea is sooo cute!

    Have a great Christmas! x

  4. Yes, girl. Throw those hands up high in the air! More than one of your pics is quite amazing. Nice post!

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  6. bigcitiesbrightlights

    thanks for the good review of my city! isn’t it beautiful? yeas it ist!
    plus a lufthansa flight,.. makes me miss the time before ryanair and easyjet 😦

  7. Teresa

    Hello. Could you tell me where the bones in the walls were located in Cologne? We are planning to visit there in May and would be very interested in seeing this site. My husband teaches a class on death and found this picture fascinating. Thank you.

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