Oh, The Weather Outside Is Weather

Whoever said Jesus was “the reason for the season” was a rhyming idiot. Christmas movies are the reason for the season, and that’s all I have to say about that. I just said that in a Forrest Gump voice.

(did you notice how I even put snow on the bench?)

When it comes to Christmas movies I’m a different person. Not only am I willing to overlook the corny, predictable humor, but I also … enjoy it. And laugh. The romance, the wholesome family fun, bring it on!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas movies, in no particular order. Rating them would be too difficult. Try not to make fun of me because these movies make me happy and I wouldn’t want you to soil my day.

The Santa Clause – Is there anyone who doesn’t like this movie? It’s seriously too good, and Charlie is adorable. See, when else besides Christmas would I call a child adorable? If you don’t like this movie you have some monster in your DNA.


Miracle on 34th Street – Old and new versions. It’s been my lifelong dream to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live, and I love Christmas so this movie is for me. What happened to little Mara Wilson, you ask? Nothing. Child star who faded away, but apparently she doesn’t want to be famous from what I read on Wikipedia.

Christmas With the Kranks – I know. I don’t know why, but I have a strange addiction to this movie. The kind of addiction where I watch it several times a year, and not only in December. Normally I don’t like this kind of silly humor, but whenever I watch Christmas With the Kranks I find myself laughing in a slapping your knee and saying, “Oh, Tim!” kind of way.

If you were thinking, “Wow, that sounds like a really good story that I’d be interested in reading,” Christmas With the Kranks is based on the novel Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham.

A Christmas Story – Despite having a Thanksgiving dinner this year of fishsticks, canned spinach and Dr. Pepper Zero,  I did not give up on my family’s tradition of watching this movie after the big dinner. I just brought my laptop to work and watched it there! I love my job.

A Charile Brown Christmas – Classic.

Fred Claus – I can’t help it. I love this movie. How freakin’ fun would it be to be Santa’s sibling? AND it takes place partially in Chicago. I love Christmas, and I LOVE Chicago.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – You know the snowman in this show? Yep, he (Burl Ives) went to Indiana State University! HA. I bet no one that cool went to your school.

And who could forget Hermey the gay elf?


Holiday Inn – I love old movies, and this is a fun one with lots of good tunes. Apparently the song White Christmas was written for this movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – The old  cartoon one, not the 2000 version, although that one is OK. This one:

Santa’s Slay – Just kidding. This movie was awful. In a funny way. It’s a “horror” movie. Get it, “slay”? What. A. Pun.

I hope you liked my list. I do.



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7 responses to “Oh, The Weather Outside Is Weather

  1. For some reason I can’t fully explain, A Charlie Brown Christmas is my all time favourite Christmas thing, ever. Whenever I think of it, I’m taken back to some half remembered, impossible to grasp, idyllic afternoon just before Christmas in the late 80s. Makes me simulataneously happy and sad – which is what Charlie Brown and Christmas are all about. Thank you.
    By the way, “benches”? I see only one.
    Also, I haven’t seen any of the other films – they look terrible! Now you’re in England you should watch our Christmas Classics, which aren’t actually films about Christmas, but are great films of yesteryear. Here are some to get you started:
    The Great Escape (compulsory, I have it on DVD)
    Mary Poppins
    Only Fools & Horses Christmas Special
    The Snowman (this is sort of about Christmas).

    • I can’t believe you haven’t seen any of the others!! A Christmas Story is an American classic, and maybe the only one I’d recommend you watch. I have seen The Snowman – really depressing. I also like Mary Poppins and wanted to see the musical but it left the West End before I could see it.

      Benches…yeah, my finger got a little too excited on that one. Thanks for alerting me!

  2. First off, your opinion on “Santa’s Slay” is bullshit and you know it!
    Secondly, I found this article that you are not going to like one bit:

  3. I’m with on Christmas movies. My favorites are all older than I am. I will have to definitely check out Christmas with the Kranks. I did the Rankin/Bass marathon with my daughter the other day. She’s not into the whole Christmas thing yet (she’s only 14 months old) but I am sure she will be like me and my mother.

  4. Well, we must be tracking because I am having a serious movie week over at my site. Last Friday we did the showdown between Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty, and the Grinch. Now we’re into a 2 week tournament to determine the best Christmas movie ever. You should stop by and vote too!

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