Merry Christmas From The Fuglies

I often go to people’s homes and there are family pictures littering the walls and fireplace mantels. When do families have time to be taking all these pictures?

My family has had only three family pictures (that I know of) since we were born, and one of them is definitely questionable. The first was when I was in 5th grade, during the Texas years, and we tried to have the cats in it so it didn’t turn out well (We took the pictures ourselves). One person was always blurred from dodging a cat paw to the face, and it was the mid 90s so we all look a little dorky.

The second and only official family picture where we paid a “professional” happened in England. Needless to say, the quality was terrible. Never have professional pictures taken in England. We all look so ugly in the picture that it never got hung on the wall and no one speaks of it.

Seriously, it’s so ugly. Just to see what people’s reactions are I’ve sometimes thought it might be nice to send it off in a Christmas card that says: “Merry Christmas from The Fuglies.”

I’m sorry I don’t have a copy to show you, but like I said, it’s somewhere in the basement of my parents’ home about 3,000 miles away.

The third family picture where we are all dressed nice was taken last summer outside of my grandma’s house, but I’m not sure if it counts as an official family picture.  We were on our way to a funeral so it was kind of impromptu. Don’t we look nice?

*After I wrote this I remembered that we did have a professional picture done a couple years ago around Christmastime, and it turned out really well. No fuglies. No funerals.



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas From The Fuglies

  1. Kim Pugliano

    Why were you smiling? Aren’t funerals supposed to be sad? Was the funeral held at a corn field? I don’t understand. You English are a strange lot.

    • Ha ha … I’m not English! I didn’t know the person whose funeral it was, and it was my last day in the US before I moved to England. Unfortunately, no, the funeral was not in the corn field. That could potentially make for a pretty fun funeral, though.

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