Deutschland Uber Alles And Other December Happenings

I just moved apartments, or “flats” as they are called here. You know the best thing about my move? I moved across the hall, as in three feet away. If you are ever planning to move, move across the hall. I can’t recommend it enough. In about an hour most of our stuff was already moved. No boxes, no moving trucks!

Hm. That picture didn’t go as expected, but I can’t really change it since I’m at work and they probably frown upon drawing stick people. I wasn’t meant to be floating in the air, and it’s disappointing that my legs are grossly out of proportion.

Other than that, I’m the happiest of campers. Our new place is much bigger and nicer, with an additional bedroom, a shower that has water pressure and a temperature setting other than scalding, heaters that work and double glazing on our windows so my buns don’t freeze off anymore.

What all of this means is that I won’t be able to post pictures for a while until our Internet gets hooked up. Unfortunate, because it’s Christmastime and I’m going to Cologne, Germany for the xmas markets next weekend. You’ll have to wait for pics of my new apartment and glorious Deutschland. GLORIOUS DEUTSCHLAND!! Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles!

Have I mentioned that I really, really love Germany?

Seeing as how our Internet is being installed in England, by English people, it could be up to two months before I have Internet again. They say it will be 2-3 weeks, but we’ll see. In case you are not aware about this lovely little aspect of British culture, if you have a problem with bad service (which you are almost guaranteed to get), don’t bother complaining. They don’t care, and you might as well talk to a wall.

Last time we needed our Internet hooked up it took Virgin more than 3 weeks to fit us in.  I took a day off work and waited the entire day. They never showed up, so Adrian called and they lied to him and told him they called me and I agreed to reschedule for another three weeks in the future. A bunch of other stuff happened, but basically we moved in at the beginning of December and got Internet the beginning of Feb.

You also won’t be able to see pictures from Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! I can’t wait. It’s a huge Christmas festival in the giant park kind of near Buckingham Palace.

In other news, I am itching to change my blog. I am tired of black. I feel the way I feel when my hair gets too long and I just have to chop it off. I have to. I’m strongly considering switching to the white Vigilance WordPress theme.

It’s a big deal because I’ve always been black. Anyone who wants to tell me their opinion on my blog being black or white, please feel free. I may not listen, but then again I may. You have nothing to lose.

Also, my mom is coming to visit in March!! I’m taking her on a trip to Europe, but she doesn’t know where yet. It’s a surprise. It probably won’t be a surprise for much longer. I can’t keep surprises a secret. Maybe I should tell her. I read an article in the NY Times that said anticipation of events is a big part of what makes people happy. If she doesn’t know where she is going, how can she get excited? For all she knows we could be going to Bratislava or something like that.

Oh yeah, I have booked tickets for a long weekend in Paris during January, and I’m really excited.

Yeah, so … will you still read me if I’m white?



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6 responses to “Deutschland Uber Alles And Other December Happenings

  1. I hope you have fun on all your adventures coming up. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany. Part of my family originate from there and I heard people are crazy in Germany and I love that!

    Also, I had black when I first started blogging. I figured I’d keep black because I always have been attracted to darker colors and whatnot and everyone suggested I get a white background. So I made the switch and I’m happy I did. I was lucky WordPress introduced the “Grunge” theme because I felt it was something along my style but with a white background. So, perhaps white can surprise you and you’ll end up liking it. I think for pictures and text overall, it has looked a lot better for my blog.

  2. Well, of course, I will read you if you are black or white, or purple or green even! As long as you keep putting your stick-self in there, sure. I actually started out as white, loved it, then decided to change to black for the fall and winter because I have a lot of photography on my blog, as you know, and I thought my fall and winter pics would look better on black. I will switch back to white, probably in the spring.

    My, my you have a lot going on right now. So glad I caught you before you leave and can wish you a Merry Christmas and all! Will you still be able to post and check your comments? Have a great time and can’t wait to see all the fun you will have had when you get your Internet back up and running!

    • Yeah, your blog looks great in black! I can still check all my blog stuff at work, and I’ll be in Germany only three days so I won’t be gone long. Maybe I can upload my pics at work…

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