The Art Of Cat Wrapping

Boys in high school say, “If you really loved me you’d have sex with me.” Married women longing for a cat say, “If you really loved me I’d be unwrapping a present like this for Christmas.”

In case you are dead inside and the site of a cute kitty makes you feel even colder, blame Canada. Seriously, blame Canada – this link was shown to me by a true Canadian, Matt Polacko.



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9 responses to “The Art Of Cat Wrapping

  1. Kim Pugliano

    Flipping adorable. Hot Joe is going to LOVE that. Seriously, my cat would have behaved the exact same way.

  2. cliffspab

    I am not dead inside, which is why I urge the UN to take action on the horrific levels of cat cruelty in US right now.

  3. I love cats and I love this video. But that would so not be my cat. He’d attack or run away.

    • So would mine. My cat would try to “help” but if he were forced in any way he would try to slap me in the face with his giant paw filled with tiny little steak knives.

      • Yeah, my cat tries to “help” me whenever I attempt crafts, writing, wrapping gifts. He starts putting his paw out or-my favorite-sitting on the page I’m reading so I can’t see. But if I so much as try to stifle him, he’ll attack.

  4. Ha! That video is awesome. You know I have a crazy cat that I could send right over to you if you really want him:)

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