Another London Weekend in Pictures. And Some Words.

I lied a little. The pictures aren’t strictly from this weekend, although most are. The first two pictures were taken a couple weeks ago at the park beside my house. I was on the way to our local pub to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea. It’s the last of the fall colors!

On Friday I had to go to Canary Wharf, part of London’s financial area, to buy my tickets to see the latest Harry Potter so I snapped a few pics along the way. I think Canary Wharf is supposed to be the tallest building in Britain. Poor Brits, it’s just not very big!

By the way, I saw HP three times this weekend and it was captivating every time. I loved it.

And here is that very tall building! Canary Wharf is actually a nice area. Lots of rich bankers walking around and many nice restaurants along the water.

Here are the famous escalators at Canary Wharf tube station. I think they have been shown in a few movies, and they might have been shown in Love Actually, although I can’t find a pic right now.

This is a random church I walked past this weekend.

How cool would it be to ice skate in front of the Tower of London?? I am going to try to convince Adrian to take me there to skate.

Another view of the Tower of London. I was walking by it because my friend wanted to by tickets for her work Christmas party. I like randomly walking past things like this. I hope you’ll note the moody sky. That’s what it looks like almost every day in England. The day will start out sunny, but it absolutely will not last more than a couple hours.

Walking along Tower Bridge. People mistakenly refer to this bridge as London Bridge. London Bridge is the next bridge over, and it is extraordinarily boring.

I actually took this picture a couple weeks ago when I was walking along the South Bank at night. My camera isn’t very good, but the South Bank looks magical at night! The building is under construction so that’s why part of it is dark.



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4 responses to “Another London Weekend in Pictures. And Some Words.

  1. Your pictures are lovely! I’d have so much fun walking around the various cities and taking pictures. I’m jealous.

  2. Love these! The ice skating would be awesome! Tell Adrian that Adrianne said he should definitely take his wife to do that:)

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