Why Is It So Hard To Enjoy Life When You Have A Zit?

This is something I contemplate every couple weeks when I have zit.

Nothing good happens on days I have a zit because I can’t think about anything except for the fact that I have a large protrusion on my face.

If someone talks to me I think: Is this person talking to me or are they talking to my zit?

Sometimes I put concealer on it, but I know it’s there silently waiting for me to innocently rub my face and smudge the concealer so it can glare freely again.

People in England say “spots.” I have a spot. I hate today.


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8 responses to “Why Is It So Hard To Enjoy Life When You Have A Zit?

  1. your cousin, not brittney

    spots…why do they have to make disgusting things sound cute? like “loo”. I hate that word. I end up imagining Waterloo but in alternate reality so that the English (dont care much about the other countries in this scenario) get stomped by Napoleon and end up being France’s #1 supplier of rent boys. It really makes me that angry. If I had to refer to the explosions on my face as “spots” (like theyre really that spot-like), I would seriously hit something.

    Also, if I only had one pimple at a time, once a week, I might be a lot less of an angry person. So be thankful, you damn expatriate!

  2. A few weeks ago I wrote this whole post (rant) about the fact that I was having an Ugly Day because of acne. I don’t know what it is about acne and feeling gross but even if you aren’t a vain person, though I am, it will ruin your day and become your priority. I seriously will put off work, studying, paying bills to sit in front of a mirror and try to figure the mess out.

  3. This is the reason that I have an entire day’s worth of pictures from our first trip with you posing with your hand on your face. I do need to send you that pimple-popping video though. Maybe I will look for it when I get off work.

  4. OMG when I have zits I go completely AWOL /MIA status.. conceited? maybe but seriously i’m saving them the embarrassment! 🙂

  5. leah

    i have bad acne but i with my head high u should too btw concealors bad 4 ur face

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