Does Love Make You Blind?

My mom loves me:

She knows how important dental hygiene is to me, so she sent a care package to London full of my favorite floss without me even having to ask.

Now that it’s been readily established that my mom loves me, we can move on. We’ll come back to this point later.

Every time I look at a picture of myself from my younger days I think: monster.

When my mom looks at a picture of my younger days she says: YOU WERE SO CUTE!!

I looked like a lot of things in my childhood, and none of them were cute. From the age of 1 until about 7 I looked like Mowgli (who is a boy!) from Jungle Book. No clothes other than underwear (this was my choice, I hated clothes) and short, dark hair. It was Florida. It was hot.

This is the closest picture I have at the moment that illustrates my mowgliness. I was “reading” on the “toilet.” And yes, those quotation marks are warranted because neither is what it seems.

From age 7-10 my perm made me look like a poodle at a distance, but a dinosaur at close range due to my Stonehenge teeth.

Then I turned into Joe Dirt:

So, my question is,  did my mom not see this? My only answer is that she loves me so much she didn’t realize I looked like a dog/Joe Dirt/Mowgli/ancient English ruins. Or, maybe I was cute. I did look pretty dashing on that toilet!

Being blinded by love is acceptable when you are a mother and it’s your child in question. Being blinded by love by a guy you’ve dated for a few months (or even years, in my opinion) is often not acceptable, and it’s always annoying.

Girls, if he breaks up with you, he doesn’t like you! I don’t understand the 90% of women I know who will cry and beg their boyfriend not to leave them. Beg!! Do people have no shame?

If a guy broke up with me, I’d probably never look at him again because I’d be too embarrassed. Maybe this is because I naturally assume no one wants to talk to me, so if a guy confirmed this I’d accept it and walk away no matter how I actually felt.

These dramatic girls used to make me think love was blind so they couldn’t see the facts, but then I realized it’s just gross immaturity in wanting what you can’t have and being unable to accept rejection. Age 12-14, maybe. But any older and it’s like, honestly, how can you beg and badger a guy to date you?

Doesn’t a girl realize that if she does break a guy down, he’s not there because he really likes her, he’s only there because she wouldn’t leave him alone and so he figured he might as well use her for a while until she becomes truly too annoying to handle? People blow my mind with this begging stuff. I say people because it isn’t just women, although I see it more often in women.

I’ve always felt that if you have to guess whether or not a guy likes you while you are saying you are in love with him, he doesn’t like you. At all. I’ve had so many women ask me for my opinion on what I think all the things he doesn’t do means. They never listen. It drives me insane.

If a guy actually likes you – you know it. There’s no question.

I just want to tell these women to get over themselves and the sooner they accept that almost no one cares about them and they aren’t important at all in the grand scheme of life they’ll be much happier and more fulfilled in their real relationships.

So, the answer. Does love make you blind? Probably to an extent, but with relationships more often than not it’s merely stupidity or self-importance.



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11 responses to “Does Love Make You Blind?

  1. Kathy Kuhlman

    Yes, you were a cutie!

  2. I think you were cute! But I understand the feeling. My mom is Asian and I think Asian mothers have this thing where they LOVE their daughters to have short, short hair as children. So I hate all my pictures until age 5 since I have a boy haircut. I longed for hair like Winnie Cooper. My hair issues were already starting then. Yet, she maintains I was adorable. Me? I think if I ever got famous, I’d never want childhood pictures (and maybe until high school either) to surface. Ever.

    As for the relationships, I totally feel the same way. I haven’t been in many and I’ve been with my boyfriend since sophomore year but I was dumped once. I don’t think I could beg. I didn’t then and probably never would. I just got really pissed off, sad, and locked myself in a room…and avoided the guy for the rest of college. I don’t understand why people would resort to begging. I have self-esteem issues and I’m too proud and arrogant to do that. Who knows. I guess when people are desperate enough, they don’t think clearly and don’t realize what they’re doing makes them look bad.

  3. Kim Pugliano

    Amen sister!

  4. “Then I turned into Joe Dirt.”
    Hahahaha. Love it. That toilet reading picture is great, and I think you were a cute kid! But yes, moms always think their kids are adorable even when the rest of the world would disagree. It’s their job.
    I begged once. And yes, it’s shameful. I think I was 18 or 19 and it was my first relationship. He destroyed any self-esteem I had previously had and in the midst of it, I guess I thought by being able to keep him I was proving something. We were together on and off for 3 years, and oh how I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into myself! Now that I’ve lived a little while longer, I completely agree with you (and the guy that wrote He’s Just Not That Into You)….when a guy likes you, you know it.

  5. I’m sorry. You know I think the world of you and your writing/drawings, but that JOE DIRT comparison to your younger pic made me laugh out loud (for kind of a long time) with my mouth wide open. I don’t laugh like that unless somethng is hysterically funny to me. (That’s a compliment, really.)
    I’ve felt like that before, too, about my younger days. But I hope you can look at those pics now and see the real beauty in you that was always there, it just hadn’t blossomed fully yet.

    Now, as far as girls (or guys, but mostly girls) that beg a guy not to leave and their lack of shame when doing so, I totally agree with you. Yes, it’s sad, but more than that, it’s pathetic. Please, don’t do this girls. Have some pride and self-worth. We can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, is what I always say and need to realize it’s just a matter of personal preference and not total judgement on your worth–don’t ever let it become that. Move on to something better.

    • Thanks!!! I always have a good laugh about the Joe Dirt pic as well. It’s too perfect.

      About the girls, although I sounded annoyed and it is annoying, I agree it’s sad. I wish these girls had more self worth and realize if they got this guy, who obviously isn’t that great, then they can and will get someone better!

  6. This is so true. In HS I was one to not let go..but somehow in college maybe I got smart or maybe I dealt with enough heartache in HS that I wised up…either that or act like a fool and let everyone know you’re one…

    So, now, I could care less if you give me the time or day or not…I’m not wasting my “what ifs” thoughts on you or anybody else…

    Good post.

    For the record, I ask my mom the same question. WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME TO CHANGE?! Her answer: Yeah I should’ve but you guys were kids… who cares?! MOTHER! You took pictures for the world to see us dressed that way and you KNEW when we were older that we’d be looking at these pictures!

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