Two Penguins, One Cup

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m uneducated about the world of penguins and everyone else is up to date with them and their feeding practices.

When I saw this on David Attenborough’s Life documentary last night I was shocked:

Yep, that’s a mother penguin throwing up into her child’s mouth.

Naturally I immediately thought of “Two Girls, One Cup.” If you haven’t seen this, I’d like to say you aren’t missing out on an important piece of world culture, but unfortunately you probably are. Everyone’s seen it and screamed at it.

This is old, but does it ever stop being funny?

(photo from



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7 responses to “Two Penguins, One Cup

  1. OMG, that video is hysterical. I’ve actually never watched 2 girls, 1 cup because I’ve seen enough “reaction” videos to know that my stomach can’t handle it. My favorite part was when she said “what’s wrong with you? you need to talk to someone.” hahaha! Love it.

    • You probably shouldn’t watch it.I didn’t want to, and when I was forced to watch it I screamed. Then I kept screaming. Then I forced other people to watch it because of the horror I had to endure.

  2. I think I may have been in a very bad state when I watched 2 girls 1 cup. Like sleep-deprived and strung out on sleep medication because I watched it while eating a Snickers with no reaction. Which is so gross when I think of it now and shocking because I find everything gross.

  3. Kim Pugliano

    Okay I’ve never seen the 2 girls video, and if Gramma was gagging like that I would likely be taking it one step further. However, I may have peed myself a little right now (after having a baby it is harder to hold it in – forewarning). Jackie is an evil bitch and I want to put her on my friends list (after you of course). I actually think your response to the penguin may have been funnier though. I love you so much right now (again – in a totally not gay way although I have nothing against lesbianism).

    Regarding my font – I use the Twenty Ten template with no extra fonts purchased, but not because I don’t want any font extras, because it’s all I think about but I wouldn’t know how to tell my husband I spent $20 or whatever on a font, so could he transfer funds for me. I just use the function that allows me to change the size under the Format tab (heading, paragraph, address, etc). And sometimes I change the color of my fonts just for shits and giggles. I’m a crazy gal like that.

  4. haha penguins are kinda sick but hey, it works for them! That reaction video was HILARIOUS! I’ve never seen it before but I was laughing as hard as the guy in the background.

    My life changed the day I saw two girls one cup. Another one not to be missed is two girls one octopus. Just remembering that one has made me a bit sick down myself xx

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