A Random Day Out in Cambridge!

First, I have to start by saying that my train to Cambridge this weekend left from Platform 9 at Kings Cross Station – Platform 9 of the Platform 9 3/4 fame!

Second, I’m sorry, but there are a ton of pictures in this post so brace yourself.

I used to go shopping in Cambridge when I was a teenager, and I knew there was a world-famous university there but I never paid it any attention. I mostly went there with my friends and with Adrian back when we were going steady in high school. That was kind of our “romantic” place, so we decided to go relive our youth yesterday, but holy crap! Cambridge is a totally different place when you aren’t a stupid teenager!

I know there are a lot of famous sites that aren’t in my pictures, but as I said, this was a totally random day out and all the pictures are simply things I stumbled upon.

In the park on the way to the shopping center (centre):

Christ’s College:

The Round Church

The pub where I had roast beef *wrapped* in a yorkshire pudding!

It seemed like there was a different church on every street corner. We didn’t even have to try to find cool things. All you have to do is walk down the street and you’ll see ten more things you have to go check out.

We decided to go down a random side street and found this place:

A lot of people go punting in Cambridge, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Although it was a nice day I thought it would be better to wait until summer so I could be the one with the stick. I don’t want to risk falling in the river during cold weather!


If you ever come to London, go to Cambridge. It’s a 45 minute train trip and as you can see it’s so much fun!



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23 responses to “A Random Day Out in Cambridge!

  1. aww I’m so glad you liked cambridge. I grew up in a small town very near so most of my youth was spent there and its one of my favourite places in the world. Such a nice looking city- lovely buildings, nice shops and pretty parks.

    these pics are really pretty and bring back some lovely memories for me 🙂 xx

  2. Wow, those pictures are amazing!! That’s the really awesome thing about reading blogs… you get to “travel” to all sorts of places and get a peek of what life is like there. If I make it back to London someday, I will definitely check out Cambridge!!

  3. Kim Pugliano

    Firstly – you are absolutely adorable and not in a gay way. Secondly, I’ve never had a desire to go to London. Don’t know why, I just never cared. After these amazing beautiful pictures, London and Cambridge are TOTALLY on my list of places to go when I’m done growing my child. Italy, Greece, London/Cambridge (not necessarily in that order). I’ll let you know when we buy our plane tickets, but you’ve got like 10 years or so before that’ll happen.


    • Thank you!!! (the ‘not in a gay way’ disclaimer was really funny) I really think you would like London because it’s such a fun tourist city. Easy to get around, tons of things to see. I like photo ops, and there are too many in London. Also, if you liked the looks of Cambridge, Bath is even nicer if you can believe it. You can actually see the Roman baths as they were back in the day. It’s so pretty.

  4. Lovely pictures–are there any memorials to C. S. Lewis? He taught at Oxford for most of his career, but moved to Cambridge for the last few years of his life. He gave a speech about being a dinosaur, and this inspired some students to go around referring to themselves by that name.

    While I’m requesting pictures, do you ever get to Watership Down, near Kingsclere in Hampshire? I’ve been in love with the novel for a long time, and someday I’ll visit the site. Until then, I have to look at pictures on the Internet.

    • Actually I’ve been to Newbury quite a few times, and from what I’m reading that is pretty close to Watership Down. I think it sounds like a really cool trip to make in the next few months, so you can expect a post on that!

      I’m going to read the book (don’t judge me too harshly – I haven’t read it!) and then take a trek to see what I can find. I guess there is no tourist information or guides because it’s privately owned, but it sounds like you can walk around the area still.

      I’m always looking for travel ideas. Colchester is next on my list because it’s Britain’s oldest city.

      • Oh, and to answer your other question, I didn’t plan this trip at all because I thought I knew Cambridge. Turns out I didn’t, at all, so I’ll be going back with a thought out plan and looking for sites to see. All the pictures I have are from merely wandering around.

  5. I LOVE these pictures. Confession: I never had an interest in London or England. I’m not sure why but I think I’m going to blame it on an ex-bf who was “British” (born and raised in NJ but adopted an accent in college after visiting relatives in Britain one summer in an effort to get more girls) and my bf’s ex-roommate who was British but pissed me off. I generalize too much. But these pictures make Cambridge seem like my kind of place. Glad you had fun and you and your husband are so cute!

    • Omg. I hate people who go to England for a study abroad thing and come back with an accent. I’ve lived here for a long time and I sound as American as ever. It’s totally fake and pretentious and I hate it.

      Thanks for the compliment, though. And yes, England is a great place to visit although not the best place to live.

  6. Ok seriously these pictures made me want to buy a ticket NOW!


  7. Great pictures! I have London on my list of places to visit “one of these days.” While I am in England, if I make it, I will hopefully be able to make it to Nottingham where a friend of mine now resides. With your pictures, Cambridge has definitely mad the list.

  8. Beautiful photography, thank you. London is on my Bucket List and, from your photos, it would seem Autumn is the best time to visit.


    • I was thinking the same thing – I’m not sure it would look nicer at any other time of year. I’d like to see it when it’s snowy, but the colorful leaves are just perfect for these buildings.

  9. Tanya Martin

    Great pictures Sara. I’m glad you had a nice time.

  10. I love your pics! I have a favorite. As I scrolled down, I had an “Ahhhh…! moment. It’s the one with the guy in the hooded sweatshirt with the backpack about to walk through the arched gateway. I love the contrast of the light outside and the dark inside, the coming and going of the men, and the half-open and half-closed gate. VERY NICE! The fact that it has the beautiful fall colors (my favorite time of year) makes it even more special.

    I could look at that one all day!

    • Thanks!!! That’s actually my husband lol. I couldn’t stop looking at that doorway when we were there and I was hoping my picture could capture how cool it was. The whole day was made ten times better because of all the fall colors. I’m so glad I took this trip!

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