Burmese Cat Mop

I’m sorry.

I hope you watched at least 12 seconds in, to where the cat’s mom started talking.

At the risk of losing readers to my blog, I had to post this because:

a) I’ve done this.

b) More than once.

c) I’m a crazy cat lady in training? (Although, the New York Times makes a good case for cat ladies to be proud rather than ashamed.)

d) Because of point c, this filled me with laughter and then a deep longing for a baby cat of my own. It symbolizes all that I love about cats, especially mese cats. Endless entertainment and love.

e) I have a Siamese back home, and she looks and acts like this cat.

If you are thinking “Burmese, Siamese, they’re all the same, ” that’s cat racism! Shame on you.



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10 responses to “Burmese Cat Mop

  1. I just watched this whole thing, hypnotized. I can’t believe I’ve never used my cat as a mop before. Idk if I could though, he’s super overweight and I can barely lift him.

    I’ve succumbed to the fact that I’ll be a cat lady. I’ve embraced it even. I love cats. I love black cats because they always seem to be the friendliest.

  2. Your comment fills me with delight. “I can’t believe I’ve never used my cat as a mop before.” Brilliant. Cat people are awesome.

  3. The only way I would be able to use my cats as mops is to use the laser pointer and have them slip and skid across the floor. Otherwise, they are not much for being held or manhandled. As for being a cat lady. There is nothing wrong with that. I know that anything should ever happen to my husband, I would probably wind up with more cats than just the 3 we already have.

    • Yeah, I have one giant fluffy cat that refuses to be manhandled or dressed up or anything. He demands respect – but he does love the laser pointer! Some cats, on the other hand, have no shame and will let you do anything to them. 🙂

      I’m jealous that you have 3 cats and I’m the same, if anything happened to my husband I’d be on cat overload!

  4. Kim Pugliano

    Okay my husband makes a regular process of kitty-mopping with our cat Snickers, amongst other things that she just takes like it’s nothing. He also throws a tennis ball up to the landing over the living room and she either bats it back down or catches it and then drops it. We know she wants to play this when a ball randomly falls over the landing into the living room, we hear a meow and we look up to see her hanging over the edge. She is our ‘baby.’ Awesome.

  5. After watching the video, I grabbed my Tonkinese (that’s half Siamese, half Burmese) and wiped the floor with him. He had nothing to say until I let him go. He then looked at me, and what he said to me in that moment cannot be written on a family-friendly site.

  6. Wow, I have done this with my cats as well, and I am a proud crazy cat lady, but now with a dog as will so maybe crazy domesticated animal lady

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