Dyscalculia – dyslexia, but with numbers!

Rather frequently a set of numbers will enter my brain, float around in the blank space reserved for mathematical function and then fly out of my mouth as a set of numbers that is in no way related to what it is supposed to be.

I came up with a diagnosis for myself and just started telling people I’m like a dyslexic, but with numbers instead of letters. Then I found out it’s a real thing: dyscalculia.


I could go to the doctor but a diagnosis of “Nope, looks like you’re simply an idiot” deters me from ever going that route. Wikipedia is no doctor, but I like the sound of dyscalculia so I think I’m going to allow Wiki to diagnose me.

Wiki would never hurt my feelings.



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15 responses to “Dyscalculia – dyslexia, but with numbers!

  1. Kim Pugliano

    Hahaha!!!! Haven’t you ever heard never ever use the internet to diagnose yourself? Awesome.

  2. Yeah, I really don’t get why people use the internet to diagnose themselves with actual illnesses! Crazy!!

  3. That sounds like a halloween costume. I would go as Count Dyscalculia for Halloween, but I have already decided to wear my birthday suit again this year.

    • I like your thinking – you’re a comfort first, frugal kind of person. Excellent. Although now I’m thinking I should have illustrated Count Dyscalculia.

      • Right after I posted this, i fell asleep. When I woke up, I thought, “but isn’t that the dude on sesame street?” You know, that puppet who counts things, saying “hahahahaha” after he says ever number, and I think lightning starts striking and all sorts of weird stuff.

        by the way, I don’t dress as my birthday suit to be frugal; I do it because it *is* my birthday.

  4. I see no harm in your looking up Wikipedia . Still,knowing about what Dyscalculia is one thing and attempting to treat yourself for the same is another.
    You need a special educator or if one is out of your reach seek help from friends ,Doctors, family ,teachers etc. to help you with your “numbers” problem.

  5. alastor993

    He, don’t worry about going to a specialist, the doctor can rever you to one. I’m a diagnosed dyslexic, reading and writing went so very bad in primary school that my mom took me to a specialist and after that to a remidial teacher who really helped me with my problem. My spelling is still pretty bad, but I read like a *m…f…* and I’m even an English teacher on the side (I’m in China).
    Numbers don’t agree with me most of the time either, or do I not agree with them? Anyway, a specialist can really help you. That feeling of “OMG-is-this-alien-writing-?-and-why-can-everyone-else-understand-this-must-be-a-consperacy-to-make-me-feel-shit” can be minimized, promise!

  6. wow!! then i know im one too hahaha i hope my daughter does not find out about this dyscalculia thing and make it as an excuse not to work hard on her maths!! and this reminds me–did you know that there is a weird phobia about **look away now sensitive readers!!** penis?? its called phallophobia.. saw it in one of those junk magazines and looked it up th internet and its true!!

    sorry i just have to write that down to get it out of my head otherwise i will be thinking abt it and before i know it i will be blogging about it. your blogs have that weird effect on me. 😛

  7. I ALWAYS use the internet to diagnose myself. And live in a constant state of fear because of this. I’m totally the same with numbers. I have to look at a phone number for 10 mins before i can punch it in the fone and even then I have to go super slowly number by number just to make sure!

  8. your cousin, not brittney

    actually, i was diagnosed with it in high school…it explains why it took me over 10 years to learn long division. explains why i am much better at algebra, too.

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