Freshly De-pressed

The Freshly Pressed Gods are like The Claw on Toy Story – you know they’re up there but all you can do is wait for the day when the claw catches you.

When I checked my e-mail and read that the Freshly Pressed “Editorial Czar” had plucked me out of the thousands of blogs and put me on the front page my heart freaked out and my face went like this:

When I checked Freshly Pressed and saw that my dream really had come true, I turned into a little green alien from Toy Story. The claawwwwww!

Then I was bombarded with comments to approve! It was so nice to be on the receiving end of all the comments, and I thank all the people who came to my page. (I hope they’ll come back again)

Occasionally a Freshly Pressed blogger will respond to every comment the masses make, and I have always felt this was very nice. When people are freshly pressed and can’t be bothered to respond to even one comment I tend to think “jerk.”

I always said that if I got lucky and was FP’d I would respond to everyone because everyone wants to be heard – that’s why they comment. So I tried. At first I responded to every comment, but it got overwhelming so I only commented to people who had posted a full comment versus a “great post” type comment, although those comments were appreciated as well.

But, like all good things, Freshly Pressed-dom lasts only 24 hours or so. I can only hope to be captured by the claw again and achieve another blissful day of fame!

Oh, what the heck. Let’s relive it one last time. That’s right, I took a screen shot.



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14 responses to “Freshly De-pressed

  1. So funny that you took a screenshot! I love the toystory metaphor I hadn’t ever thought about it that way before, but I am new to this blogging thing and would be excited to have someone other than my mother and my BFF reading my blog. Congrats again 🙂

    • Thanks!! I know how you feel. When I first started I was excited if I got my mom, dad, AND husband to click the link.

      I checked out your blog and it’s great – I’ll be sure to visit again soon as well!

  2. Kim Pugliano

    What if we not only COMMENT but SUBSCRIBE? Does that make me return-comment worthy? I am so obsessed I have considered posting multiple times a day in the hopes of catching the “Freshly-Pressed Czar’s attention.” 🙂

    • That would be awesome and makes you double comment worthy! The second comment will be on your blog here in a sec so look out!

      I totally understand your obsession. I’d say it’s normal – and don’t let other people tell you it’s unhealthy. They just don’t understand!!

  3. I have been browsing blogs for quite some time, yet until yesterday, I had found only one that i thought was worth subscribing to. Thanks to FP, I found yours, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So much so that I wasted my afternoon reading all your posts, then some of your friends blogs too. Later, I told my Aunty about your blog.

    I look forward to reading more. And am now a subscriber!

  4. I never really realized how one get’s on Freshly Pressed. Is it really all up to fate, all up to the chance that they somehow find your blog? It confuses me. In any case, I’m glad I found yours! I think it’s so much fun to read and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

    • Thank you, I hope you’ll come back again!

      The WordPress Gods wrote a post on how to get on FP. Basically they are looking for catchy headlines, photos in your posts, proper spelling and grammar, and some other things. I think basically they just go on the Tag Surfer thing and look for posts in each category, like Health, Humor, Travel, etc.

      I’ll definitely check your blog out this weekend!

  5. LL

    I’m sorry for stalking your blog, but all your posts are just so cute. I will have to subscribe as well.

  6. i have been coming back here a lot since i saw the toilet blog snd that particular blog stucked to my brain all weekend thus making me blog about it this morning!! the power of blog eh?? hehehe

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