An autumn weekend in London, and other fun London stuff

Living in a big city during fall is difficult because the season can change without you ever noticing it. I think because in England there is no summer, so the seasonal “change” doesn’t entice people to participate in lots of fall-ish activities and food celebrations as we do.

In the States fall brings a dramatic difference in terms of weather and things to do; you go from 90-degree weather clothing and outdoor activities to thick jackets and few outdoor activities  in a fairly short amount of time.

The English summer to fall seasonal change takes you from jacket to … jacket and scarf.

All this being said, I’ve been missing all the American fall activities so I’ve decided to take fall into my own hands while in London.

With a little help from Whole Foods (they are the only store I’ve found that carries canned pumpkin at a reasonable price, or at all) I created the perfect recipe for a pumpkin spice latte, and later in the week I’ll be making my very own/first vat of pumpkin butter!

I have also been taking my camera everywhere in case I find the perfect fall-color tree hidden in the grime of the city. It finally happened yesterday!

On another side street I found a building covered in beautiful fall color:

Adrian’s work had an awards ceremony Friday evening so we got to stay in a hotel near the Tower of London. The next morning I was waiting for a bus and was reminded of a few reasons why London is always fun, no matter what time of day or year. You can be standing somewhere, look up, and see parts of the city that are 2,000 years old sitting next to a modern glass-facade building.

This is part of the London Wall that was built by the Romans to fortify Londinium in the 2nd century, and the pickle-shaped glass building in the background is “The Gherkin,” one of the most visible buildings on London’s skyline.

I’ve ridden a lot of buses in London, so when this pulled up I got a little too excited and started running all around, taking pictures of the bus from every angle.

There are hardly any of these old style buses still being used, so I was seriously excited to hop in at the back, and have no door swing shut behind me.

This is me on the most exciting bus ever, with the Tower of London in the background.

I got so excited that an old lady thought I was a tourist and started telling me all about the city. We got off at St. Paul’s because I was taking too many pictures to notice we missed our stop. There goes my bus!

On my walk to Waterloo I took a picture of this street because it looks typically London, impossibly long row houses on a small street:

Another London thing I love is how you can be in the nastiest area of the city and see a gem of coolness sitting right in the middle of the street:

I’m going to have this picture hanging in my house when I move back to the US because it represents my English life!


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