Happy Birthday Papa Bear!

Today is my dad’s birthday so I’m going to post a commemorative, collector’s edition blog about him.

In my former imaginary world we were all bears and lived in a treehouse like the Berenstain Bears. Sometimes I still like to pretend this is our family because how much fun would it be to live in a tree and have a family theme song?

Sister and Brother are more like a representation of my sister and me split in half. We both have girly sides finely complimented by a truly disgusting boyish side. My mom is pretty much like Mama Bear because she’s very nice and she’s always right. Really, she is.

But we are talking about my dad here. Being Papa Bear wasn’t his choice because that happened in my mind and I really don’t think he’s up for a family theme song, so if we are talking about making my dad a cartoon he would more closely resemble Hank Hill. He has a lot of the same interests (grilling, mowing, cars) and even kind of looks like Hank:

In the still fictional but not cartoon world, my dad is also The Dude from The Big Lebowski. After he retired from the military, where he had to have a regulation haircut at all times, he decided to not cut his hair for a year or so. With the long, shaggy hair and beard, and the fact that when he’s at home he wears a robe and slippers, this seriously happened and it was hilarious:

My dad had never seen this movie, so when my friends started calling him The Dude he finally watched it. Immediately after he made a White Russian.

I always like it when people are enthusiastic about their interests, and I think you’ll find that my dad is enthusiastic about the Civil War. Here is a screen shot of his recent Facebook profile pictures:

He knows everything about the Civil War. On our family vacation I learned more about the war than I ever learned in school. Here he is at his happiest, standing on Civil War battlegrounds and giving us a minute-by-minute account of the war’s crucial battles:

And this is just a nice picture of my mom and dad at my cousin’s wedding last summer:

This blog is also an apology for being stupid in math(s). It takes 7 days for a card to travel from the UK to the USA, and on the 9th I thought, “Oh, this will get there on time, the 13th is still a week away. Wait a second…”

But anyway, now that I’m a fully grown person I don’t call him old anymore, although maybe he is. As I always say, I report, you decide.


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