Is there anything wrong with a pet obsession?

People always make fun of people who love their pets to the extreme, but I have decided I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.  (Unless it turns into some disgusting violation of the animal.)

As far as license plates, checks, T-shirts go, I think this is OK. This animal bond is making the human and the cat feel loved and happy, and I can’t see what’s wrong with a little love.

If you just thought, “Yeah right. A cat is in no way benefitting from a personal check or car license plate,” you are wrong. These are simply expressions of the human’s love for his/her cat, and the cat is very much benefitting from all this extra love.

Look at it this way: the cat gear is love overflow, and we all know the world needs more love!

People make fun of Karen, my sister, for loving Boo more than she loves most people. Here is Karen with Boo at my wedding party. Boo was wearing her pink bridesmaid dress because the theme was pink. Don’t they look happy together?

Another thing people get mad about is when  people dress up their animals. I think this is hilarious, and it doesn’t harm them or anyone else. Laughing makes people happy. If the animals don’t like it they won’t let you do it, like Harris. He refuses to wear anything but a tie. Anything else and he says: NO. 

How can you look at this picture and not think “AWWWWW!!!”? He’s so intellectual.

Clearly we love putting our cats in clothes, so naturally Karen entered Boo, her sweet Lady Boo, in the PetSmart Halloween competition. If you notice I drew arrows pointing to the fact that out of roughly 7,000 animals who have been entered into this competition, Lady Boo is ranked NUMBER FOUR in the amount of comments!

Below is a screenshot of where you should be visiting every day.  Karen could win up to $1,000 cash if Boo wins – but that’s not the best part. If Boo wins she will appear in a PetSmart commercial!

I turned into a 14-year-old girl and accidentally drew a heart around Zac Efron’s sexy face … and then a heart around Back to the Future. Facebook ads really understand me. They just … get me.

First, click here. Go to the upper right and click on “View and Vote.” You’ll have to allow the application, but it’s OK. I’m against applications but this one is fine.

Then click back on your browser and you will go back to Lady Boo.  Now you will be allowed to click the paw underneath her picture to vote for her. You can also now leave comments, which you should so she’ll win.

Pet obsessions: everyone wins.



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8 responses to “Is there anything wrong with a pet obsession?

  1. Hunter

    I have only seen one problem with showing a lot of love for an animal. I was driving in Atlanta and I was behind a car that had three bumper stickers on it. I got close so I could read them. Well here is what they said. 1 – My child had 4 paws (it had a picture of a dog in the back ground). 2 – My child Drinks from the Toilet. 3 – Lakewood elementary School Student.
    The reason I had a problem with this was the fact that since they put the two animal loving stickers about their “child” having 4 paws and drinking out of the toilet, they have obviously reproduced and have a human child and now that poor child will probably scared for life.
    Any kid that sees the back of his car is now going to call him a 4 paw toilet drinker…. Its just sad……

  2. Basically you’re saying if loving boo is wrong then you don’t want to be right?

    • Oh Robin, it’s really a shame that you don’t love Boo because you are spectacular at making songs about her. You even do it in your free time, when I’m not around.
      I made another one up yesterday. It’s by Kitty Antebellum, “I Need Boo Now.” It’s a quarter after one, I’m alllll alone and I need Boo now…

  3. I love how you are patting yourself on the back for all your Boo-themed song parodies. Name one that isn’t simply replacing the word “you” with “boo.”

  4. What’s your position on baby carriages for pets? I’d have to draw the line there, to be honest.
    I really like your blog-writing voice – funny, honest, and amusingly sardonic 😉

    • I am sometimes conflicted about this because I understand how ridiculous pet owners can be, but at the same time I have an understanding as to why they are so crazy!
      I don’t know about the pet carriages though. I’ll have to see one in the flesh to decide.

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