A list of things I want. Really want.

1 – Subscription to Vanity Fair:  http://www.vanityfair.co.uk/ £49 for two years, I think this is a deal I should snag – immediately (or on my next paycheck).

2 – Pumpkin Spice Latte from American Starbucks.

3 – A real refrigerator with a real freezer. A refrigerator that could fit at least two of me in it.

4 – A dryer. I really miss clothes that not only get dry sooner than three days after you wash them, but also smell like a heavenly dryer sheet and feel silky smooth, not crunchy and rough as air drying will do to them.

Only 1 & 2 or at all doable, and number 2 I will have to create my own pumpkin spice mix to stir into instant coffee.

Life is hard.


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